• Anime & Manga

    Konnichiwa! Welcome to the awesome BCU Anime and Manga Society. We are a group of people oozing with friendliness and want to share our passion for anime and manga with you.

  • BCU Dis.Cover

    We are a friendly, supportive group who are offering a safe space for students with disabilities of any nature including physical, mental and learning difficulties.

  • BCU Enactus

    Enactus is an international organization that connects student, academic and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that make a positive impact on the world.

  • BCU Labour Students

    BCU Labour Students are a political society aiming to get students at BCU involved in the Labour Party with meetings, campaigns and socials =)

  • BCU Mental Health Awareness

    To raise awareness, tackle stigma, signpost for additional information and enhance the student experience for those who suffer from a mental health illness within Birmingham City University.

  • Costume Society
  • Crafty Bitches

    Crafty Bitches is a knitting and craft society - beginner and experienced knitters/crafters welcome! Come socialise and learn a new skill! Every Wednesday 4.30-6pm Location TBC - watch our facebook!

  • Debating Society

    The official BCUSU page for the Birmingham City University Debating Society.

  • Dr Who and Fandoms Society

    We are a social society that meet weekly to discuss and watch all things Doctor Who and other Fandoms. We can't wait to expand our interests with all your awesome Fandoms.

  • Fighting Game Society

    Do you like Street Fighter? Smash Bros? Blazblue? Guilty Gear? Well, you've come to the right place! Join us to satisfy your fighting game needs!

  • Korean Culture

    We are a new society that indulges in listening to kpop music, watching kdramas, talking about Korean fashion and food. If this sounds like something you would enjoy don't be afraid to join us.

  • LGBT+

    BCUSU LGBT+ Society is here to represent the views and interests of the LGBT+ community at BCU.

  • Magic Society

    A chilled society aimed to teach a range of magic tricks/illusions that involve the use of cards, coins and other objects!

  • Masonic Society
  • Public Speaking Society

    Safe space to improve your public speaking skills.

  • Rock Soc

    BCU Rock Society The Only Rock, Metal & Alternative Music Society At BCU.

  • Socialist Worker Student Society
  • Stand Up to Racism
  • Table Top Gaming

    If you like anything from Trading Card games to Pen and Paper RPGs or always wanted to try them out, why not come along!

  • Theme Park Society
  • VegSoc

    We wish to encourage a Vegan lifestyle and demonstrate its benefits for the environment, our health and the animals.

  • Yoga Society
  • Agape Student Life

    Agape Student Life is a society for everyone at BCU that creates a safe space for students to come together to explore life, faith and God! We are run by Christians but create a safe space for all!

  • Campus Cry
  • Christian Union

    Birmingham City University Christian Union

  • Christians on campus (BCU)

    Join us for our weekly student meetings on Wednesdays and Fridays at BCU and in the City Centre!

  • Deeper Life Campus Fellowship

    DLCF is a university student society affiliated to a registered UK charity.

  • First Love

    First Love Society The best place to be on Sundays and Thursdays!

  • GIFT (Growing In Faith and Truth)

    GIFT is a group of students who meet weekly to study the bible and socialise. We are non-denominational which means we are not a religion or part of any church. Just Students who love the Word. :)

  • Islamic

    Our Society provides a friendly and fun atmosphere for all to learn about the religion and Islamic practises.

  • Jewish Society

    Open to anyone wanting to inject a little Judaism into their lives, ranging from social to educational events.

  • Kharis on Campus
  • Madinah Society

    Madinah Society of Birmimgham City University, promoting love of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon Him and His family), his sunnah and the Ahle Sunnah wal Jam'ah!

  • P.E.N.S.A.

    The chance to gain a deeper, intimate, and personal relationship with God on campus. Follow us on Social Media: Twitter- @pensa_bcu Instagram- @pensabirmingham

  • Sikh Society
  • BCU DJ Society

    We are a society that provides music for other societies free of charge, as well as for outside events. Anyone of any level can sign up!

  • First Take Studios (Film Making)

    First Take Studios are here to give everybody the opportunity to learn about every aspect of filmmaking and to work on real film sets. Lets make movements and create something amazing.

  • Live Sound

    The Live Sound Society aims to give students from all years the opportunity to crew on gigs and live productions.

  • Music Programming and Production Society

    We do various aspects of music through computers, from programming music in visual and text based languages (e.g. Max4Live in Ableton) to electronic music making, workshops and personal music sharing.

  • Scratch Radio

    The award-winning Scratch Radio is your student radio station. Broadcasting online and on-campus, anyone can present or produce a show!

  • Scratch TV

    Get involved in front of the camera or behind it! Scratch TV records a number of regular and one-off programmes each month, as well as broadcasting live at certain times during the year.

  • SnapScratch (Photography)

    We cover all things photography! We meet regularly for training, as well as to take and share our photography. All skill levels are welcome!

  • The Scratch (Magazine)

    Releasing four print issues, and creating online content throughout the year, The Scratch is your student magazine. Get involved in writing, designing, proofing, promotion and much more.

  • Word for Word (Screenwriting)

    'Word for Word’ is an initiative for student screenwriters to develop talent, ideas and to also find a place where they will be able to network with like-minded individuals.

  • Write Club

    A group of diverse people who wants to project their voices through stories. Be it Social Issues, Identity, Unicorns or Shrek, there are no restrictions to what you want to write.

  • BCU Bhangra Society

    If you love to dance and want to learn a new form of dancing, then this is the place to be! No prior experience needed.

  • BCU Burlesque

    BCU Burlesque is a new society that aims to enrich your life through the art of Burlesque dancing. Sexy. Sassy. Steamy. We are Burlesque! Society of the Year 2016!

  • BCU Dance Society
  • BCU Gig Society

    We are a new society that puts on live music events for students in Birmingham!

  • Eco

    A fantastic, new, student led sustainability project, which promises to make a real change to how we all think about, connect with and preserve our natural surroundings.

  • RAG

    Raise and Give (RAG) society is a group whose aim is to support charities both locally and nationally. Money is raised by putting on various events for students and the wider community.

  • Random Acts of Kindness Society

    A free and fun society all about being kind and generally being a good, nice, person!

  • Zero Waste Society

With over 100 societies on offer, there really is something for everyone. Our societies are split into different categories, from faith based societies, academic societies which can support your chosen course, performance, professional development societies to our very own RAG (Raise and Give) society, whatever you fancy doing while you’re here at BCU, we can help. As a member of a student group, you’re automatically a part of Team BCU, so can enjoy the great social life that comes with it.

If we don’t have a society that you’re interested in, why not start your own! We’ll give you all the help and support you need. For more details, either click on the individual societies listed, or contact us. Can't see anything you like? Find out how to create your own group.