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About Finance and Investment Society

About Us
Our society will help bring together students with an interest in Finance & Investment. It will give students a chance to network with one another and gain access to a variety of opportunities and events that we plan to offer.
We will host a variety of events with professionals, such as:
  • Experts in Finance & Investment fields
  • Career development professionals
  • Academics
Along with events with professionals, we aim to hold charity events and a variety of sports fixtures with other societies and universities. We will also provide advice regarding career choices and studies. Our society will help students from all fields to understand Finance and Investment, and how to apply this knowledge in this ever-changing economy we live in.






Raja Ali

Gregory Slaney


Jack Satchwell


Cobie Aitken

Participation Officer 

Mathew Millward-Brookes

Finance and Investment Society Committee Elections 2024/25

This society is holding online elections to choose their new committee for the 2024-25 academic year. Any paid member can apply for a committee position that interests them and all paid members will also be able to vote for their preferred candidates.

4 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 09:00 on Sunday 26 May 2024 (in 4 days and 17 hours)

The polls open at 09:00 on Thursday 30 May 2024 (in 8 days)

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