If you need help with your studies

The University has resources and help available for students who are struggling with their learning, whether it is help preparing for exams, problems with referencing, English language support, general study skills advice or disability support.

If things go wrong

Hopefully you won’t have any academic problems while you’re at Birmingham City University, but if you do then the Advice Centre is here to help! We offer information, advice and representation on a range of academic issues, including:

  • Extenuating Circumstances

    If illness, personal problems, etc affect your studies you can apply to defer an assessment or request a coursework extension.

  • Academic Queries and Appeals

    If you feel that an error the University has made has affected an assessment, your progression or an award you should follow this procedure.

  • Student Disciplinary

    This is the process that will be followed if you are accused of academic misconduct or if issues are raised about your behaviour.

  • Concerns and Complaints

    This procedure outlines how to complain about a member of University staff, the course delivery or another aspect of your time at the University that you are unhappy with.

  • Fitness to Practice

    This details what to expect if your “fitness to practice” is called into question whilst studying a professional course (e.g. nursing, teaching, social work).

Other Useful Sources of Information

Details of what you can expect from the University – and what it expects from you – are published in:

Most of this information is available on Moodle or iCity. It is important to be familiar with the contents of these documents but if you have difficulties understanding anything or if you can’t find what you need to know then the Advice Centre can help.