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Vision and Values

We exist to enhance our students' experiences and have a positive impact on their lives
Your Students' Union

Strategic Plan

Our latest Strategic Plan that was agreed in September 2022 highlights the changes we need to make in order to meet the priorities that our students most want to get out of their Birmingham City University experience, in order for them to achieve their own unique ambitions.

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Empowering students, to shape their own lives.

Our Vision:

To be an excellent Students' Union by 2028

Our promise to students:

BCUSU is here for you to enhance your student life. We connect you to fun when you want it, help when you need it. BCUSU creates communities and spaces for you to belong socially and academically.

Strategic Aims

Fun when you want it

  • We will help students find their people, communities, and friendship groups. (SA1)
  • We provide opportunities for students to get involved in a wide range of societies and student groups. (SA2)
  • We will deliver an annual schedule of regular activities, events, and experiences. (SA3)

Help when you need it

  • We provide advice and support on student wellbeing and academic matters. (SA4)
  • We represent students and make certain they are heard. (SA5)
  • We help students navigate University life. (SA6)

Connecting students

  • Keeping students informed of what’s happening on campus and in Birmingham. (SA7)
  • Connecting students to opportunities for personal growth and local community engagement. (SA8)
  • Students are connected to their Students’ Union and know what it has achieved. (SA9)


With an ever-changing student population, we need to constantly renew ourselves to ensure that we remain relevant. An emergent strategy will be applied to Student Voice, Social Policy, and activities, with an annual activities plan drafted every year targeting students who are not currently engaging with their Students’ Union.

Finally, we will continue to maintain a healthy organisation that is capable of delivering on these strategic aims.

Culture: We recognise the critical role of culture in our success and will create a positive campus culture and equity between our students. (E1)

Estate: We will regularly review our spaces and make fit for emerging activities and the needs of students. (E2)

Sustainability: We will ensure that the Students’ Union is financially and environmentally sustainable. Deliver successful services that make everyday life better for students, where we are uniquely able to do so, or where the services generate sustainable income to support our other activities. (E3)

Partnerships: Work in partnership with the staff of the University to further students’ interests and seek external partnerships where they can support our strategic aims. (E4)


we want you to recognise these in every little thing BCUSU does:

Think Big

We have ambitious targets and strive to be the very best at what we do, whilst inspiring our students to do the same.

Long term, not short term

We are always here for when our students need us. We also develop individuals and services that have long term benefits to our students’ lives.

Communication, Communication, Communication

We actively listen and communicate. We only use Plain English.

Yes WE can!

We believe in ourselves and our students, and realise that together, we can achieve everything we want to!