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We exist to enhance our students' experiences and have a positive impact on their lives.


  • Relevant & Accessible
  • Student Led, Student Focused & Democratic
  • Innovative, Progressive & Adaptable
  • Supportive, Representative &Responsive
  • Friendly, Welcoming & Inclusive

Strategic Themes & Goals


  • We will create a personal sense of belonging.
  • We will enable students to fulfil their creative ideas.
  • We will improve employability and life skills in order to enhance prospects.

Engagement & Communication

  • We will develop a Communication Strategy to raise awareness and
    build involvement.
  • We will remove barriers to make it easier for students to engage with us.
  • We will develop and improve a bespoke presence on each Campus.
  • We will use advancements in I.T. to engage with students.

Voice & Representation

  • We will establish a Data Bank of Student Opinion to inform and influence.
  • We will facilitate integrated, connected, consistent student
    representatives at all levels which influences positive change.
  • We will support and lead relevant campaigns.

Support & Services

  • We will review and prioritise relevant services.
  • We will ensure all services are accessible to those students that need them.
  • We will investigate the feasibility of new services.


  • People: HR Policies, development, leadership and partnerships.
  • Process: Financial planning, performance indicators, communication, governance & decision-making.
  • Resources: Sustainable finances, space, I.T. infrastructure.

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