Vision and Values

We exist to enhance our students' experiences and have a positive impact on their lives
We exist to enhance our students' experiences and have a positive impact on their lives

Strategic Plan

Our latest Strategic Plan that was launched in March 2017 highlights the changes we need to make over the next 3 years in order to meet the priorities that our students most want to get out of their Birmingham City University experience, in order for them to achieve their own unique ambitions.

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We will empower students with the means to shape their own lives.


we want you to recognise these in every little thing BCUSU does:

Think Big

We have ambitious targets and strive to be the very best at what we do, whilst inspiring our students to do the same.

Long term, not short term

We are always here for when our students need us. We also develop individuals and services that have long term benefits to our students’ lives.

Communication, Communication, Communication

We actively listen and communicate. We only use Plain English.

Yes WE can!

We believe in ourselves and our students, and realise that together, we can achieve everything we want to!

Our Priorities


  • Collaborate with the University to inform and drive the development and delivery of employability services that meet students’ needs
  • Actively invest in the success of the Graduate+ scheme
  • Work to increase the awareness of employability services and opportunities
  • Develop a strategy to increase demand amongst first and second year undergraduates
  • Explore viable models for the delivery of our own volunteering opportunities, which are unique
  • Work with the University to explore the potential of awarding academic credit for some of the student activities outlined above

Academic Student Voice

  • Continue to protect, invest in and expand the Student Representation System
  • Clearly demonstrate the value of increased academic representation and will push the University harder to fully engage
  • Expand our communications to ensure awareness
  • Ensure all staff are knowledgeable so that every student who has an academic enquiry, will be given details of the main ways in which they can influence their academic experience
  • Ensure all School Reps and Student Academic Leaders receive high quality training, that standards are established, individuals are accountable and act as positive champions for us at all times
  • Our leadership will influence university policy and operational delivery based on robust data and intelligence, resulting in positive change for students

Sense of Belonging

  • Stimulate greater awareness of the BCUSU brand, our role at the University and the services we offer
  • Work with university staff so that they understand the work we carry out and the role we have in university life
  • Work to promote students’ sense of ownership of BCUSU and encourage engagement at all levels
  • Explore options for establishing a formal ‘joining’ process and welcoming those that join student communities
  • Develop digital communities with as much enthusiasm as physical communities
  • Continue to expand the range of societies and other student-led activities at BCUSU, to ensure that all students have access to relevant and supportive peer communities