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Feedback & Complaints

The Union has a formal complaints procedure which is freely available along with the other by-laws of the Students’ Union electronically on the Students’ Union website or on request at the Students’ Union’s Offices, and can be accessed by all students or groups who are dissatisfied in their dealings with the Students’ Union or who are dissatisfied by reason of their having chosen not to be a member of the Students’ Union.

As a membership led organisation, Birmingham City University Students' Union (BCUSU) wishes to address and resolve all complaints about any aspect of BCUSU when raised by its student members as quickly and as equitably as possible.

To this end, BCUSU has adopted a complaints procedure similar to that of BCU. This allows BCUSU to operate a simple procedure which has a good track record of problem solving as well as allowing student members to cross over to the main BCU procedure at any time during the complaint’s progress. Adapting a BCUSU specific policy allows BCUSU to involve its staff and officers and gives them the opportunity to resolve problems in instances where the BCU procedure would simply override their authority.

As with BCU’s complaints procedure, BCUSU would recommend that in the first instance an informal approach to the relevant member of BCUSU personnel would be the student member’s first step. If however the grievance is not resolved (or this method is not appropriate) then the student member has the right to use the following formal procedure. This does not undermine the student member’s right to use BCU’s complaints procedure instead. The full procedure can be found in the Bye-law 13. Code of Conduct.

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