Cost of Living

Your Students' Union is working with the University to make sure you get support during your time here and there's already a number of ways you can get help:

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image of speech bubbles Emergency Support

Get immediate help from Student Support Team for the Emergency Fund, Student Pantry and other resources.

image of the front of a bank card Financial Assistance Fund

Check your eligibility and apply for the University's fund, awards granted from £100 and £3000.

image that has a money note and coins in between BCUSU Cost of Living fund

Apply for a one-off £50 payment, towards joining societies, cover your graduation costs and more...

image of period pad and tampon Period Dignity campaign

Access free period products at selected ground floor toilets.

image that shows front of a train Transport campaign

We've met with Andy Street, Mayor of West Mids to lobby for cheaprer public transport.

image that shows front of a mircowave Food prep stations

Find microwaves, fridges and hot water taps across campus buildings.

image that shows side view  of a bus £1 student bus fare

Travel for just £1 on selected National Express routes.

image of a bowl of oatmeal and a flask Spring Saver Menu

Get access to low cost and free meals on campus.

image of popcorn and a movie clapperboard

Free film nights on campus.

Cost of Living articles

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Return of grants and student loan increases?

Report calls for increases in maintenance loans...

Mon 27 Mar 2023
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UCU Rising logo in white text on a pink background

UCU Industrial Action

Get the key information about academic staff strikes...

Tue 07 Mar 2023
cost of living
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Extra money for student hardship

Find out more about additional funds given to BCU...

Fri 03 Mar 2023
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illustration of tampon and pad

Free period products...

Period Dignity project launches to provide free period products for students ...

Thu 09 Feb 2023
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Your Officer Team 2022/23

January Officer update: Cost of Living

A look at what's happening to tackle the crisis...

Wed 18 Jan 2023
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Dhanusha and Simranvir with students holding signs for transport campaign

Our transport campaign...

We're asking for 6 months free public transport for students...

Thu 15 Dec 2022
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