Enhancing professional skills and opportunities for student members of the union.
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You told us that your employability is one of the most important areas that your Students’ Union should focus on. This is why we made it one of our 3 strategic aims and included it in our strategic plan as an area we are going to focus on. There are lots of ways your Students’ Union can help you develop your employability, see the tiles below to find out more.

  • You may have heard of Graduate+ which is the University's extra-curricular awards framework that complements your degree. The award is made up of different levels, which reflect the range of activities that you have been involved with.

  • You may not be aware that all SU activities can be logged as part of your Graduate+ award, so if you work for BCUSU, are a member of a sport team or society, are a Student Academic Leader or School Rep you can use this involvement to achieve your Graduate+ award!
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    • Did you know that BCUSU employs student staff every year? We have opportunities to work for us in our three Campus shops, The Eagle & Ball, The Social Kitchen and the Reception Team.

    • We understand that your studies come first so will accommodate, as much as possible, your University commitments to ensure you leave University with the best result possible.

    • Having a part time job is one of the best ways to improve your employability as it gives you transferable skills such as communication, cash handling, administration experience, timekeeping and loads more.
    All BCUSU Jobs Listings

    • Did you know that all of the Society and Sports teams are completely student-led? They receive lots of support from your Students’ Union Societies, Sports and Volunteering team but it is your fellow students that make the decisions for the group.

    • Making the step up from a Society or Sport member to a group leader will drastically improve your employability as you will be responsible for recruitment, retention, finances, event planning, marketing and loads more.

    • Every society has to hold elections each year for the committee so if you are interested in standing for election speak to the current committee or contact the Societies, Sports and Volunteering team.

    • If you don’t see a Society you like, it is incredibly easy to start up a new one - your Students’ Union will support you every step of the way as well. More information on starting a new society is available here.

    • Don’t forget that being a member of a Society or Sport team and being a group leader can be logged to help you achieve your Graduate+ award.

    • If you don’t see a Society you like, it is incredibly easy to start up a new one - your Students’ Union will support you every step of the way as well. More information on starting a new society is available here.
    Student Societies

    • As part of the BCUSU and BCU Student Representation System, every course should have a Student Academic Leader, who are responsible for collecting feedback from students on their course and bringing this to Student Feedback Forums, which they facilitate.

    • Student Academic Leaders work closely with School Reps, who are responsible for acting as a link between Student Academic Leaders, the University and your Students’ Union. They are there to make sure that students are able to have their voices heard at all levels of the University.

    • Being involved in the Student Representation System has loads of benefits for your employability including developing communication skills, organisation skills, leadership skills and many others.

    • Don’t forget that being a Student Academic Leader or a School Rep can be logged to help you achieve your Graduate+ award.
    Student Representation

    • Volunteering is an enjoyable way for you to make a difference. It provides a fantastic opportunity for you to develop key employability skills for your future career and to check out possible career paths and, most importantly of all, make new friends!

    • There are loads of volunteering opportunities available to you, click here to view the exciting opportunities.

    • Each year you and all BCU students are able to elect the 5 BCUSU Executive Officers who are responsible for representing you to the University and BCUSU to improve your student experience.

    • Candidates run for election, dates TBC but between Jan-March, and if successful are elected as an Executive Officer. Any student can run for election and either need to be willing to take a year out of your studies or run for election in your final year.

    • Being an Executive Officer is a full time, paid job, with your responsibilities including being a Charity Trustee and leading an organisation with a turnover of over £3 million! It is an incredible opportunity to really develop your skills, increase your employability and make a difference to the lives of all BCU students. Full training and support is provided both pre and during your time in office.

    • Keep an eye on BCUSU.com for the yearly election information, normally released by January.

    • Have you ever had an idea that would improve your time at BCU or your involvement in BCUSU?

    • Are you passionate about a particular issue and want to positively influence others?

    • If you answered yes to any of the above then submitting an idea or running your own campaign could be the right thing for you to do.

    • Running your own campaign would drastically improve your employability as you would be responsible for the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the campaign with support every step of the way from your Students’ Union.

    • If you have an idea for a campaign or would like to talk to someone about campaigns log an enquiry with the Student Voice team.

    The University has loads of services available for you that could help improve your employability by either giving you advice or guidance, helping you to find a job or achieving an employability award. The following links are areas we think you should check out:

    • Graduate+ Extra-curricular activity award.

    • Careers+ Your University careers service, providing everything from CV support and placements to interview prep and entrepreneurial support.

    • Manpower Jobs on campus.

    • Centre for Academic Success The University's central learning development service.