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All about the Leadership Elections

Each year, we hold an election for all BCU students to decide who will be the next Executive Officers to lead BCUSU. Any BCU student who has opted in to be a member of BCUSU, is able to stand and vote.

How Voting Works

How do we count all of the votes? Watch this useful video from NUS to find out how it works!

We don't use the first-past-the-post voting system you may be familiar with from voting in UK General Elections. Instead, we use the single/alternative transferable voting system. This is considered a much fairer system which allows you to rank candidates in order of preference. This means you can vote for more than one person.

This is the same voting system being used in the upcoming West Midlands Mayoral Election on Thursday 6 May. The main difference being, you can even vote for Re-Open Nominations (RON) for any position if you feel none of the candidates represent you!

Total Stats:

In total, 2309 BCU students have cast 9838 preferential votes!

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