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Leadership Elections

What are they and why do they matter?

Our Elections is one of the biggest events in the student calendar. It is your chance to make an impact on the experience of all BCU students now, and in the years ahead.

BCUSU is a democratic membership organisation, this means every decision is made by you, our students. We’re led by an elected group of Executive Officers, all student, who each have their own area to enhance your student experience.

You can find out more about these roles below:


How it works

Students’ Unions traditionally use transferable voting, and BCUSU is no different. Transferable voting allows you to list the candidates in order of preference. The successful candidate needs 50% of the total votes, plus 1, in order to win outright.

Sometimes that doesn’t happen, so it goes into rounds until a winner is chosen who meets that threshold. That happens by using a transferable vote. Basically, if your first choice doesn’t receive enough votes and drops out – it gets passed to your second. If your second doesn’t win, it goes onto your third choice.

Still confused? Watch this useful video from NUS to find out how it works!

Next Step For Candidates

What’s happening at the moment?

As the nomination period is now closed, we’re working closely with each candidate on a number of training activities. These include how to run a successful campaign, social media guidance and more. These are compulsory for all candidates if they wish to advance to run.

If you are a candidate who is unsure of the next steps, or have any questions, please contact the Deputy Returning Officer, Tom Clarke

Remember, you are not allowed to start campaigning until Monday 7th March!

Election Rules

  • Election Rules

    Any breach of the Elections Rules could result in disciplinary action being taken against you by the Deputy Returning Officer (DRO). The DRO reserves the right to distribute sanctions that are deemed to be fair and equivalent to any breach of the Elections Rules.

    General Rules

    1. BCUSU aims to:
    I. Conduct all Elections fairly.
    II. Ensure all student members, whose principle relationship at BCU is not as a staff member, have the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the Election.
    III. Conduct Elections in a spirit of friendliness and cooperation.



    1. All candidates must be eligible to stand in the elections and must agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    2. All candidates must sign up to the Elections Rules.
    3. All candidates must attend a training session or meet the DRO following the close of nominations and before the voting period begins.
    4. All candidates are required to attend Question Time event/s hosted by BCUSU.



    1. Campaigning may only begin after candidates have attended the training and agreed to the Elections Rules, and the campaigning period has opened.
    2. Candidates and their supporters may only alter, move or remove their own campaign materials.
    3. Candidates and their supporters must not communicate or interfere with voters in any way once they have begun to complete their ballot.
    4. Candidates must take reasonable steps to ensure that their supporters’ actions comply with the campaign rules at all times and must be able to demonstrate this in the event of a complaint against them.
    5. Candidates and their supporters may only use mailing lists where lawful to do so. In most cases, they require the consent of the student members on the list to use their details. Please see guidance on Reps and Student Groups Support document where this is outlined.
    6. Candidates are not allowed to run in a slate. A slate is defined as a group of candidates joining together whether via resources, campaign material or encouraging voters to vote for other candidates.
    7. Candidates and their supporters should not engage in behaviour that could be considered abusive or constitute a personal attack on a named individual.
    8. Candidates and their supporters should avoid behaviour that could be considered intimidation or harassment of an individual to vote in a particular way.


    Budget and Promotional Material

    1. An equal amount of budget will be allocated to all candidates. The amount will be announced by the DRO during candidate training.
    2. No candidate may spend more on their campaign than the limit set by the DRO.
    3. Items freely and readily available to all campaigners can be used by all candidates.
    4. Items that campaigners already own can be valued using a minimum price list available from the Activities and Representation Team. The DRO will value items not on this list within one working day of the request for an evaluation.
    5. BCU and BCUSU logos may not be used in candidate promotional materials to indicate sponsorship or support for any particular candidate(s), but can be used to show engagement during your time at BCU. BCUSU student group logos may, however, be used with permission in candidate promotional materials. Please see guidance on Reps and Student Groups Support document where this is outlined.
    6. Candidate promotional material must be signed off by the DRO prior to circulation.


    These rules refer in part to Bye Law 11, which can be found on BCUSU’s website. They act as a supplement to general BCU and BCUSU rules and regulations. By signing the below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above rules and that you agree to abide by them.

Click to see more about campaign budget: Candidate-Campaign-Budget

Click to see more about how to approach campaigning: Guide-to-Campaigning

Click the link for a PDF version of the Representatives and Student Group Rules 2022: Rep-Student Group Rules 2022

Key Dates

  • Monday 28th February – Friday 4th March
    Candidate training
    Candidate training will explain how to run a successful elections campaign. Training sessions are compulsory for all candidates.
  • Thursday 3rd March
    Final Candidate Briefing
    Candidates’ last chance to ask questions to Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) who manages the elections. From 3pm.
  • Friday 4th March
    Campaign Supplies
    Candidates can collect free art supplies from C190. You can use these for your campaigning materials!. From 10am-4pm.
  • Monday 7th March
    Campaigning opens
    All candidates, and their manifestos, will be listed on the BCUSU website for voters to see.
  • Monday 7th March
    BCUSU's Question Time
    Candidates will tell you why you should vote for them, and answer voters’ questions.
  • Friday 11th March
    Voting opens...
    Vote online for your 2022/23 Officer Team, from 9am.
  • Thursday 17th March
    Voting closes!
    Last chance to vote is 2pm.
  • Friday 18th March
    Elections results announced!
    Find out who has been elected to lead your Students’ Union.