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You must be logged-in and a student member of BCUSU to participate in the Leadership Elections. Visit mySRS to opt-in to BCUSU.

How To Vote!

Follow these instructions to cast your vote now!

  • Click on the VOTE button below
  • Scroll down and select the position you want to vote for, from the drop down menu
  • Click on the candidate's face(s) you want to vote for, in the order of preference
  • Click 'Cast Vote'
  • Repeat the above until you have voted in each position
  • Feel smug that you've done your bit in choosing who will run your Students' Union next year
  • Find out all about our rewards, as our thank you to you for voting!

Election Rules
– A Guide for Voters!

From Thursday 20th February, BCUSU will be asking you to vote for who you want to run your Students’ Union, next year!

To ensure that candidates and their campaign teams abide by the rules of our elections, here’s some things YOU SHOULD NEVER SEE CANDIDATES AND/OR THEIR CAMPAIGN TEAMS, DOING:

  • Talking to you about voting BEFORE Thursday 20th February
  • Blocking your access into University buildings/rooms
  • Communicating or Interfering with you in any way once you have begun to vote (this includes touching your phone/laptop/tablet)
  • Standing directly next to you while you vote
  • Pressurising you or using force to get you to vote for them
  • Encouraging you to vote for candidates in other positions – they may be in a ‘slate’ and this is not allowed
  • Bribing you to vote for them

If you witness or are a victim of unfair campaigning, please report this to us using the complaint form.

Complaint Form

Preferential Voting

In BCUSU Leadership Elections, you can vote in order of preference - meaning the outcome will be more representative overall!

You can vote for as many candidates as you wish, just make sure you select them in order of preference. For example, if you like all of the candidates running for a certain role, instead of voting for just one, you can pick your first, second, third, fourth, etc. choice!

When we count the votes on Friday 28th, we add up all of the first choice votes. If, after the first count, there is no clear winner (with at least 50% of the votes) we then withdraw the candidate in last place and add all of the second choice votes to the totals, and so on, until a clear winner is declared.

This voting system is commonly known as choice voting, preferential voting, preference voting or Single Transferable Vote (STV), and is designed to achieve or closely approach proportional representation through voters ranking candidates - unlike first-past-the-post voting.



If there's nobody that you want to vote for, you can vote for RON (Re-Open Nominations) instead!

If RON's votes outweigh any of the candidates for a position, we will re-open nominations for that role and hold a by-election.

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