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Course Reps


Student Feedback is one of the most important parts of university life as it ensures your voice is heard and the courses across the university can be the best they can be. A Course Rep is vital in the representative system to represent their peers and their views and helping ensure the student voice is heard.

What Exactly Do Course Reps Do?

  • A Course Rep is a course representative for each year group on a programme of study.
  • This is a voluntary role so there can be more than one Course Rep in each year group.
  • Course Reps collect feedback from other students on their course.
  • Course Reps meet with the Course Leader to resolve any issues arising from the Feedback Forum.
  • Course Reps give their feedback to their School Rep who feeds it back to the Students’ Union.
  • Course Reps bring the feedback to the Student Feedback Forum giving Course Reps the opportunity to express student feedback.

What Skills and Experience Will I Gain?

  • Building relationships – This can be with your peers, course leader and senior members of staff from your school.
  • Problem solving - Learn to solve problems as part of a team.
  • Develop leadership and negotiation skills – Take lead in situations which arise and negotiate feedback and solutions with members of staff.
  • Get more involved in the Students’ Union Voice team.
  • Use your experience as part of your Graduate Plus Award.

What's The Application Process?

  • Just follow the link at the top which asks you to “Register to be a Course Rep”
  • Follow the steps in the application.
  • Sign up to the School and Course Rep Teams Group.
  • Complete the online training which will enable you to have a better idea on how to make changes that benefit your programme and the students on it.
  • Collect your Course Rep Badge from either the City Centre or City South Campus.
  • Start collecting feedback! Speak to your peers about how things are going, are there any problems arising? Is there any good practice that’s working well? Start having the conversations with your course directors and School Rep about these areas, and if there are problems, can you think of a solution?


If you ever have any questions, want extra support, or have any problems with the application process then please feel free to either email the BCUSU Reception Desk at or come visit us. We’re located on the First Floor of the City Centre Curzon Building or the Ground floor of the City South Seacole Building