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What is a Student Rep, how to find yours and how to become one...
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Student Reps are here to represent YOUR voice at Birmingham City University.

Split into two distinct roles - School Reps and Course Reps - the primary role of any Rep is to listen to, collate and communicate the views of the students they represent, taking these views to meetings and to specific staff to bring about positive change.

What's the difference between School Reps and Course Reps?

  • Course Reps are volunteers who represent their views and opinions of their peers on a specific course. There can be multiple Course Reps in a particular year group and they collate information to pass to their School Rep.
  • School Reps coordinate the Course Reps within their College and use the information they provide to work within their School and Faculty, with senior staff, to enact change and contribute to the life of the school through various projects and campaigns. 

School Reps are entitled to a £700 bursary, supplied by their faculty and paid in two £350 instalments across the year if all the conditions of the role are met.

Why are Student Reps important?

Student Reps are key to making sure that your voice and feedback is taken and utilised by the University and your Students Union. They make a real difference at course level, but also have many wins across their schools, faculties and beyond.

Student Rep feedback has led to a number of high profile campaigns which have brought results for every student here at BCU. They include the development of a mentoring system which allowed postgraduate students to connect with industry to develop their skills and the creation of a panel to consider accessibility for students across the campuses.


If you'd like more details about either role - or if you want to apply - you can click the relevant job role at the top of the page.