International Student Festival

Let's embrace and learn about each other's culture!...

Fri 16 Feb 2018

No. 1 in Brum

Your Students’ Union is proud to report that in the recent National Student Survey (NSS) completed by final year students in 2016/17, 62% of all students surveyed beli...

Mon 14 Aug 2017

Student Executive Officers

VP Development
VP Engagement
VP Experience
VP Voice
Jaspreet Singh
Natalie Chan
Luke Shorrick
Vickie Glynn
Lucky Uddin

Part Time Officers

Disabled Students' Officer
International Students' Officer
Mature & Post Graduate Students' Officer
Womens' Officer
LGBT Officer
Ethical & Environmental Officer
Ethnic Minority Students' Officer
Amanda McCabe
Andreea Cristina Mihai
Sanjeev Batra
Victoria Bennett-Salvador
Nona Wyld
Sahib Singh
Raja Amir Khan