Dhanusha Hema Reddy
Dhanusha Hema Reddy

Dhanusha's 3 Key Objectives

  • I will create a powerful community embedded with a sense of belonging i.e. a safe place for students to feel empowered, educated, heard and protected. I will create a well-built platform that ensures the needs of all students are met, this includes the students of all campuses.

  • I will ensure that your voice as the students, is represented through genuine actions that will empower them to be independent in your speech, while at the same time navigating a high level of communication between key decision makers to create a win-win scenario for everyone.

  • I will place high importance on the need to respect all faiths within the student community, consequentially providing a higher level of freedom in speech and ultimately strengthening your ability to contribute to making positive change.

I am someone in all honesty who struggles to blow my own trumpet, because I believe that actions always speak louder than words however I will use this opportunity, to shed some light on who I am, to give you a fair understanding to make your decision. Let me start by highlighting what impact I’ve created as a VP to give an insight into the level of my future actions, as a potential future President.

In my time as VP I have put in an exceptional effort into creating campaigns that will contribute to positive change such as, the Add Your Voice Campaign. Other actions include the following;

  • Encouraging students to submit ideas that would influence their university experience, by speaking to students on every campus. I spend a large amount of time placing myself amongst you all, as I believe that this is the most effective way to hear your voice and collect critique in order to do better.

  • Placing a high importance on collecting feedback, as in the past this has provided valuable insight into key issues that needed attending to, allowing the relevant actions to be taken in order for change.

  • The exceptional success that we had with the ideas board, with over 400 plus interactions, a safe place for students to voice their suggestions, one of many wins that we have seen in empowering freedom of speech. My aim is to continue this momentum to accelerate liberty for students.

During my time as a student I was fortunate enough to receive six awards therefore, I understand what it takes to be a high performer in today’s environment. My goal will be to push the students to bring the best out of themselves and knowing that you have the correct backing, in my opinion, is absolutely essential. You can find a list of my awards below:

BCUSU: Executive Award Runner Up 2018/19, Volunteer of the Year 2017/18
IAMBCU: Community Hero of the year 2020/21
BLSS Dean’s Award 2020/21: International Student of the Year, Contribution to Public Life and Community, Exceptional Response to COVID-19