Your Elected Executive Officers

BCUSU is run by our students for our students, and each year we ask you to choose those students who you want to lead us into the next academic year, during our Leadership Elections. The students you choose form the Executive Officer team, who represent you and make decisions on your behalf, both within your Students’ Union and also with the University.

  • President - Responsible for leading the Officer team and also tasked to represent the views and needs of BCU students at all University Board of Governors and Academic Board meetings.
  • Vice President Academic Experience - Responsible for everything to do with academia and the way that you are taught during your time at university.
  • Vice President Equity & Inclusion - Responsible for ensuring BCUSU is representative of all our students and that they get the support that they need.
  • Vice President Opportunities & Community - Responsible for our societies and sports teams, as well as developing student skills and employability.
  • Vice President Student Voice - Responsible for looking after the democratic structures of your Students’ Union.

Incoming Officers

Meet your new Executive Officers, taking office for the 2021-22 academic year.

Your 2021-22 Officers

Union President

Victoria Bennett-Salvador

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Portrait photograph of Victoria Bennett-Salvador
Victoria's Top Goals:
  1. Set up a suicide prevention committee focused on delivering one university wide campaign a year.
  2. Ensure a 3-5 step process is created for reporting and supporting victims of sexual violence and hate crimes on and off campus.
  3. Welcome Lounge at City South Campus: a social forum bringing a platform for voices at City South to be heard throughout the university.
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    My Manifesto

    A poem of a Future President,
    As February looms and elections set in,
    We ask ourselves – Who are the SU? Again….
    It’s a rush of people,
    Why do we vote?
    What they promise might not get done,
    Plus, I’m a third year – seems pointless hm?
    I’m here to tell,
    Yes VABS, that’s me.
    Presidency is something that’s been a dream to me.
    To make real change and stand-up strong,
    For the students around me who’s voice is drowned out.
    I represent you,
    The party, the study, the late-night cigarettes,
    The family focused, the supporting friend, the one who’s constantly busy, the one that just needs of a friend.
    I represent you.

    My Experience

    Over 4 years at BCU I have witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly. In my 2nd year, Women’s Officer (2017), I learnt the value of team collaboration and developed my public speaking skills at events where I represented student’s voice. This year I had the privilege of being the President of the first protected Women’s Society at BCUSU and the gained knowledge of the current student climate will allow me to develop future progress in all aspects of university life.

    My previous achievements will seem small to the flourishing change I can bring to the students of BCU

Vice President

Academic Experience

Polly Jones

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Portrait photograph of Polly Jones
Polly's Top Goals:
  1. Online Lectures & Further learning: Push for the normalisation of filming lectures to be uploaded online, and enable you to attend other seminars out of interest.
  2. Better Travel: Improve travel links between City Centre and other Campuses (such as City South) to ease accessibility & make it easier to attend societies.
  3. High Achievers Recognition Scheme for all: Expand HARS to all courses, allowing you to push your learning & employability.
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    My Manifesto

    It’s vital for us to expand our transport links between campuses to enable all of us to interact, connect and attend events & societies with ease. We can achieve this by campaigning for the £1 bus-hop between campuses, Belgrave View and student-heavy-areas, or implement frequent shuttle-busses specifi cally for us. We can improve the Disability Support offered here by campaigning to improve communication between lecturers and Disability Support, improve accommodation capabilities, implement hearing loops & braille in all lifts & setup volunteer positions to help those who need it. This will enable you to focus fully on your studies without having to always ask for extenuating circumstances or looking for help when it should be provided. We can improve your experience by making HARS available for everyone. This will allow you to improve employability, offer optional further studies, and CV masterclasses specifi c to your area, boosting your capabilities ready for graduation.

    My Experience

    I was the elected student governor of my college, and acted both as a student body president as well as stood on the board of governors. This enabled me to help push for increased wheelchair accessibility within the buildings, increased raising and giving activities within the college, and more trips abroad, to name a few items. At college I also was the head of the LGBT society where I organised fundraisers, fi lm screenings and educational classes. I am currently the managing editor of the Student Magazine Polygon – where I help organise our print schedules as well as occasionally write.

Vice President

Equity & Inclusion

Jinal Shah

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Portrait photograph of Jinal Shah
Jinal's Top Goals:
  1. Create a hub for students and staff to understand and incorporate the different cultures and personalities within the university making BCU a top rated university based on students’ experiences and how they enjoy their time within the University.
  2. Encourage cross-faculty inclusion and engagement within the different campuses and tackle student problems such as mental health, sexuality, discrimination, disability, homesickness and the various other pressing issues that the union is constantly tried to work on over.
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    My Manifesto

    My objective is to create an environment where diversity is celebrated. I CAN I WILL -:

    • Ensure that we are approachable and accessible as a point of contact for students, working together with other Sabbatical officers regarding queries concerning equality and diversity issues within the Union.
    • Hold an Equality and Diversity Week which would center around the protected areas, working with the other sabbatical Officers, as well as regular events throughout the year.
    • Raise awareness of the Equity and Inclusion Officer and their role by having a stall at Freshers’ Fair.
    • Uphold the No Platform Policy throughout the university at ALL shows and a review minimum of 3 events per month.

    There are 9 protected causes that we will champion as your Equity and Inclusion officer this year: Age, Disability, Transgender, Marriage, Pregnancy/Maternity, Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual orientation.

    My Experience

    Following are the highlights of my previous experience and achievements -:

    • Founder of BCUIC Society and led the society into different university levels.
    • Achieved Gold Award from Graduate plus which refl ects my aspirations and willingness to work for the community.
    • I was in Student Ambassador and Student Representative role where I helped and guide diverse range of student body and awarded as outstanding Student Representative and outstanding Student Ambassador from BCUIC 2018-2019.
    • Became Buddy Captain and Achieved Best Buddy of the year and Buddy’s Buddy award during International orientation week 2020.
    • Got nomination in Extra Miles Award for the Student Representative of the Year 2019.

Vice President

Opportunities & Community

Amir Iqbal

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Portrait photograph of Amir Iqbal
Amir's Top Goals
  1. Provide assistance and guidance to societies’ committees in organising their events and campaigns.
  2. Helping students with budgeting and money managing workshop. That will give knowledge to students about managing the limited funds they have and avoid unnecessary debts.
  3. During major festivals organise events for home and international students where they can come across each other and share their cultures.
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    My Manifesto

    Hello! I am Amir Iqbal and I’m running to be your Vice President Opportunities and Community next year. I want to give something back by working alongside you to help your societies grow and help you gain new skills. Variety is the spice of life. I was part of multiple societies at BCU, not restricted to one and I saw fi rst-hand how being active in a variety could enrich your life. I’m looking to give a voice to every society and club so every student is aware about what they do and how they can enrich everyone’s life. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities at our University. These are amazing for creating a more fulfi lled life and building skills to show off to employers. I shall be looking to expand these opportunities and I will organise regular workshops where you can gain essential skills to be successful in life.

    My Experience

    As the President of BCU Italian society I have created a great community for Italian students and even students with a general interest in Italian. I have organised inclusive events for our members and even introduced Italian lessons on campus. In the International society I have represented European students, hosted informative events about Brexit and ran campaigns to tackle issues faced by international students. As the Head of Events of Pakistan Society I have planned several events about the Pakistani culture. I have worked alongside the International offi ce to provide a safe space to socialise for international students.


Vice President

Student Voice

Runcie Chidebe

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Portrait photograph of Runcie Chidebe
Runcie's Top Goals
  1. To make every student a voice at BCU and sustain the multi-cultural vision of BCU.
  2. To speak and act for the students’ challenges through engagement, meetings and innovative surveys.
  3. To focus on the solutions and help students and the University to promote our ideals of solving the world’s most pressing problems.
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    My Manifesto
    1. YOUR VOICE: All students’ voices (their needs, challenges and desires) are important whether freshers, refreshers, international, undergraduate and otherwise; everyone is important. I will focus on using the most effective ways of ensuring that every students’ voice is heard while aligning to our #IamBCU vision.
    2. ACTING ON YOUR VOICE: In many situations students’ voices are heard, but acting on those voices could be slower. Hence, I will focus more proactively on acting on students’ voices.
    3. ACCESSIBLE BCUSU: I will promote an accessible SU for all, through the promotion of BCUSU societies and academic leaders.
    4. BUSINESS OF ACADEMIC: Students’ core priority at BCU is to learn, research and work towards solving the world’s most pressing problems. Which is the business of education. I want to do what I can to attend to student’s businesses while helping the University in attending to all our businesses.
    My Experience

    Last year, I joined BCUSU to represent BCU at the City of Birmingham under the ONECITY Forum. In this forum, we discussed students’ challenges and what we can do to speak with one voice. After this forum, I saw the need to contribute more to BCUSU. Also, as an advocate and human right supporter, I have spent a greater part of my life working and volunteering for humanity in over 10 countries including the United States, Ghana, Portugal and Nigeria. I will bring this global citizen experience to BCUSU and work for students to achieve their goals.