Your Elected Executive Officers

BCUSU is run by our students for our students, and each year we ask you to choose those students who you want to lead us into the next academic year, during our Leadership Elections. The students you choose form our Executive Officer team, who represent you and make decisions on your behalf, both within your Students’ Union and also with the University.

  • President - Responsible for leading the Officer team and also tasked to represent the views and needs of BCU students at all University Board of Governors and Academic Board meetings.
  • Vice President Academic Experience - Responsible for everything to do with academia and the way that you are taught during your time at university.
  • Vice President Equity & Inclusion - Responsible for ensuring BCUSU is representative of all our students and that they get the support that they need.
  • Vice President Opportunities & Community - Responsible for our societies and sports teams, as well as developing student skills and employability.
  • Vice President Student Voice - Responsible for looking after the democratic structures of your Students’ Union.

Union President

Ivona Hadzhiyska

Top Goals:
  1. Roaring representation: have your say on how BCU spends your money.
  2. Supporting your experience: removing barriers within a diverse community of students.
  3. Creating opportunities: securing final year project funding.

Vice President Academic Experience

Liam Miles

Top Goals:
  1. Improving the safety on campus for all staff and students.
  2. Raise the standard of inclusivity, inclusivity will promote engagement.
  3. Unite the Students’ Union further and raise the awareness and approachability of the department.

Vice President Equity & Inclusion

Kathy-Zoe Baira

Top Goals:
  1. Create a hub for students and staff to understand and incorporate the different cultures and personalities within the university making BCU a top rated university based on students’ experiences and how they enjoy their time within the University.
  2. Encourage cross-faculty inclusion and engagement within the different campuses and tackle student problems such as mental health, sexuality, discrimination, disability, homesickness and the various other pressing issues that the union is constantly tried to work on over.

Vice President Opportunities & Community

Selina Aishia Jahangir

Top Goals
  1. To build up stronger societies and to help create more societies and to make students feel more involved and motivated.
  2. Improve social experience for students such as establish an effective online presence on social media, and organize events such that international students are involved as well.
  3. Provide a confidence-building workshop I know that coming to university is a very big step and can be very intimidating for students so I would like to.

Vice President Student Voice

Laura Wonnacott

Top Goals:
  1. Putting into place a system to help the fluency of feedback between student academic leaders and School REPS.
  2. Making sure all the Campus’ and faculties feel strongly represented and involved in the Students’ Union system.
  3. Creating new ways of democracy outside of the SAL and REP feedback system to reach a wider range of students.