Your Elected Executive Officers

BCUSU is run by our students for our students. From 1st July, your new 2021/22 Officer Team take up their roles at your Students’ Union. This team represent you, make decisions on your behalf, and work in collaboration with your Students’ Union and University to make your time here as good as possible.

Portrait gallery of the next Executive Officers. All five Executive Officers are women.

Elected Roles

Students' Union President

Victoria Aurora Bennett-Salvador is responsible for leading the Officer team and also tasked to represent the views and needs of BCU students at all University Board of Governors and Academic Board meetings.

VP Academic Experience

Leanna Grant is responsible for everything to do with academia and the way that you are taught during your time at university.

VP Equity and Inclusion

Asha Stewart is responsible for ensuring BCUSU is representative of all our students and that they get the support that they need.

VP Opportunities and Community

Jinal Shah is responsible for our societies and sports teams, as well as developing student skills and employability.

VP Student Voice

Dhanusha Hema Reddy is responsible for looking after the democratic structures of your Students’ Union.

Getting to know your new Officers

We sat down with the new team to find out a bit more about them. Here’s what they had to say...

You’re just about to start your new role – has it sunk in yet?

Leanna: "I’m still digesting it! As a mature student, I’m excited to be getting involved and making changes. It’s been a difficult year for everyone, and I want to raise the importance of students and the issues we’re facing."

Asha: "To be honest, it took me a long time to get used to! I was totally in shock. I knew I had the support from the Afro-Caribbean Society, but when I won I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think it really sunk in until I received an email from BCUSU a few days after Results Night. It definitely felt real then!"

Jinal: "It was hard to believe. Even though I have experienced campaigning in person, being online was new to all of us. In person, we get to know students and if they were voting for me, but this was totally different. When the results were announced, I was really happy."

This is the first all-women Officer team in BCUSU history – how does it feel to be part of it?

Victoria: "I am honoured to be leading this team that will without doubt bring forward a student voice and experience like no other. During the elections they all proved their commitment to representing students around them and I am honoured to be the Union President supporting them into the next academic year. Here’s to us, a BCUSU family."

Leanna: "It is MASSIVE! We might not get this chance again, and I’m determined to make the most of it! I’m really excited to be working together, getting in-sync and really making a difference as a collective."

Asha: "It’s really empowering. It honestly feels like a blessing. Not only is it an all-women team, we come from different ethnicities as well. I’m really excited to learn from all of the other Officers, gain new skills, and improve the experience for all students."

Jinal: "I am so proud that all-women got elected by BCU students. It is a real sign that world is changing and day-by-day women are coming into leadership. It will be an amazing year and I am really looking forward to working with all of them."

Dhanusha: "I am proud to be part of the team. It is a fine example of women empowerment it shows that women can lead organisations independently. I am happy to see that society is recognising students regardless of gender… instead they are looking at our leadership qualities."

What are you most excited about for your time in office?

Victoria: "Being in person! And the long-awaited Welcome Week in September are definitely the things I am looking forward to the most. This said, there is a project that started in the pandemic that I hope will finally be delivered this year, highlighting the hard work and commitment of the students from the HELS faculty during the crisis."

Asha: "I’m really excited about giving students opportunities to meet other students. It feels like we’re all starting to get our lives back. All of those going into their second year didn’t get a chance to experience an in-person Welcome Week so I really want to ensure students get the chance to experience what they missed."

Jinal: "I am so excited to be back on campus. To sit in our office and meet my team, students, and society groups in person as it is quite different. It’s such a good feeling seeing everyone face-to-face."

What can students expect from you as an Officer?

Leanna: "All students can expect me to be present, approachable and really care for them. I’m really keen to hold regular sessions where they can raise concerns and issues. I want to have a great connection with all students."

Asha: "I’d say I’m a very good listener. I’m approachable and engaged. I’m there as a peer, not as a staff member. I want to help opening the Students’ Union to all students."

Dhanusha: "I will try my best to make them feel heard; make them feel at home in Birmingham City University; will address any issues they are facing and will provide support to them through any platform."

Thank you to the new Officer Team for answering our questions, we can’t wait to see what you achieve this year. Keep an eye on their progress on our socials.