VP Academic Experience

Simranvir Kaur
Simranvir Kaur

Simranvir's 3 Key Objectives

  • To have more easily accessible timetables by students.

  • More support by course tutors.

  • Extra support for coursework’s who have some issues with language barrier.

I am standing for this cause and position because I want everybody to have a positive and memorable university experience, and as student I feel that a good Students’ Union is a key part of that. I’d love to represent you, the things you care about, and help make your experience the best it can be. I want to investigate my time in making more improved structure of assignments and timetable.

As your VP academic, I would strive to make it as simple as possible to be heard by, represented by, and involved with Students‘ Union here at BCU. I feel that being a student from past 4 years now at BCU have experienced a lot and require some changes. Assignments and timetable are very important for the student, same for both home student and overseas. All of them should be treated fairly and equally. I have brought the issues many times on the table that students are facing, as Course Representative.

Working as an international marketing, communication, and conversion assistant, where I have dealt with number of student enquiries and helped them to make their voice heard within International office at BCU.

I feel it is important to make the Students’ Union as present and involved as possible within the university and the student body, by increasing promotion of the great things already happening and increase the SU’s presence in places outside their building.

This is my fourth year at BCU, and I have spent time listening to and representing many students as course rep. So, I know the demands of representation the student body when interacting with the university and I feel I would go a good job of being your VP Academic.

Overall, I want to improve student life, make the student experience easier, and try to help with your assignment and timetable with more improvement into it. I want to create long term changes not short term, which will help the upcoming students and present students as well.