VP Opportunities & Community

Nathan Keseka
Nathan Keseka

Nathan's 3 Key Objectives

  • Providing workshops that students would be able tobenefit from for their everydaylife. E.g. managing money,professional communication, persuasion, etc. These types ofworkshops would be based onskills/habits that people that arein the top positions in their companies know how to do it.

  • Creating more opportunities for all students to get involvedwith sports activities BCU can provide. This is so that it gives a chance to all students a chance to be able to playsports just because they want to play and have fun.

  • Giving the students opportunities to talk to professionals in fields that they are looking forward to working in. By bringing in professionals to talk to the students, the students would be able to have an insight into what it's like working in the industry. examples would be professional athletes, lawyers, accountants, musicians.

I have decided to run VP Opportunities & Community because I believe that everybody deserves to have a positive and memorable university experience, and I personally believe that a great Students’ Union is a big influence when it comes to that. I'd love to be in a position where I can give you the opportunities that make sure that You get the best university experience it can be.

Last year I was the BCU African Caribbean society's treasurer where I had to look after the finances and oversee the transactions we made. I was entrusted by my team to make sure the sources of income were increasing societal funds. During my time as treasurer, I was able to show that I was able to do my role as well working in a team that had the desire to make a big change in society.

I want to provide workshops that are necessary skill based workshops students would be able to use in situations in their lives where they could use in the workplace or even everyday life. Some of the workshops I have in mind already are:

  • Workshops on persuasion - students would need to learn how to persuade employers to hire them.

  • Professional communication - whether it's as simple as communicating with your peers or writing an email to your boss.

  • Time management - learning how to use your time wisely.

I also feel like it is important for BCU to promote the communities that they have because it brings students together based on a common interest (community - sharing or having a certain attitude or interest in common within a group). one of the biggest communities we have in this university is our sports society and my aim is to make as many people as involved in those societies no matter the skill level the person is in that particular sport. This means that everyone would get an opportunity to try new sports they've always wanted to do without having any pressure that you have to be good at the sport.