VP Equity & Inclusion

Victor Ukor
Victor Ukor

Victors' 3 Key Objectives

  • More Accessibility and diversity

  • A greater engagement for student in socials and other activities.

  • More accountability and transparency to aid easy feedbacks to support the voice of students.

My name is Victor Ukor and I’m running for the position of the Equity & Inclusion Officer. Over the last years I had multiple experiences with positions of responsibility within university systems.

I’m running to ensure everyone feels a part of all campus not just one, also to maximise the understanding of how the student union can be of a great help to all students, developing, funding and support.

Inclusion and equity for all students: ensure proper production and distribution of the university hoodies.

Social: Involve and encourage students and the marketing team to better the pinnacle campus sport access and opportunities for everyone. Giving all community mixed campus events.

I’m a grounded, honest, and positive candidates with huge amounts of leadership energy as well as experience. I’m passionate and a good listener, I want to get to listen to all of you and your holistic wellbeing and student experience is the best it can be.

I want to increase support for international students and our students based across the globe. I hope to increase and enhance all international student experience by focusing on internationalisation and culture development. Ensure regular face to face support for areas of concern.

In my undergraduate study, I occupied positions in the Students’ Union government. From this I have numerous ideas to enhance the work with students, student reps to make the system work for all.

I intend to maintain transparency and accountability through document and record all meetings, ensure all students are aware of everything that concerns the student Union, also welcoming strong and open and public criticism.

I want to bring my knowledge of experience here at the Birmingham city university to the trustee board and promise to be an impartial trustee, dedicated to ensuring the long term of BCU.