Who are we? 

As the Postgraduate Society, we're here to support postgraduate students! Here's what we are hoping to do: 

  • Peer-to-peer support events.
  • Networking events.
  • Burnout and stress management events.
  • Drinking lots of coffee! 


  • Co-President (PHD): Miftah Ghneim 
  • Co-President (MA): Lee Singleton
  • Secretary: Alla Allah Ahmed
  • Treasurer: Mohammad Albaarini

What is a Protected Society? 

A Protected Society is a brand new type of student-group. In addition to hosting fun socials, and creating a community for students, we host regular campaigns. These campaigns are funded by your Students Union, but are entirely student led - working to tackle the issues you care about, and raising your voices to make real change happen. 

We have no events at the moment, but come back regularly to see what we're up to!
There's no news right now, but check back regularly to see what we're up to!
No elections are currently running
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