Our Main Aim

A.C.S stands for the Afro-Caribbean society. The society is designed to celebrate and educate students about the African and Caribbean culture through different mediums such as social media, parties, debates, and educational events. Becoming a member of the ACS will make sure you are provided with not only deeper understanding of the Afro-Caribbean culture but also that its members are prepared for life during and after university, networking events, friendship, and much more.

Our society is a friendly and welcoming environment where everyone is embraced and accepted!  As a society we aim to provide knowledge, strength, success and togetherness in everything that we do. Through our aims we hope to gain a sense of partnership by working and proving opportunities for our members as well as the Birmingham community and charities.

University is where students come to gain higher qualifications but joining a society like ACS enables you to make friends, feel connected and learn more outside of the lecture rooms…

The Committee
  • President - Salim
  • Vice President - Chloe
  • Treasurer - Tariro
  • Secretary - Cinds
  • Events Officer - Lola
  • Events Manager - Sayche
  • Marketing Officer - Mercy
  • Creative Director - Gelmira
  • Welfare Officer - Ada
  • Promotions Officer - Tam
Main Location: All campuses

ACS Hoodies:

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No events currently, but come back regularly to see what we're upto!
No elections are currently running