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Raising your voice at BCU

Ways to make change at university and have your voice heard.

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University is a time for you to grow academically and become active participants in shaping your education. Here's a guide on how you can effectively raise your voice at BCU using BCUSU and more... 

Respond to BCU and BCUSU Surveys 

The University and your Students’ Union frequently ask for your feedback on various aspects of your uni life. Your responses can access decision makers at BCU, and shape campaigns BCUSU will work on!  

By providing your feedback you’ll contribute to data that can lead to changes in policies, facilities, services – overall improving your University experience. 

The University’s decision to provide 40% off food at BCU outlets was because of survey feedback!  

Give feedback to your Course Rep and Lead Rep 

Course Reps and Lead Reps collectively represent students, and their function is to collect feedback, raise academic issues and course concerns.

They attend meetings with course leaders and Faculty staff to discuss student issues and involve BCUSU when needed. Make sure to communicate your feedback, whether it's about course content, teaching methods or facilities, to your Reps. 

Speak to your Society or a Liberation Society 

If you're part of a society, bring up your issues with the committee. Societies can organize events, workshops, and discussions that highlight and address student concerns. 

If appropriate contact our Liberation Societies which represent marginalised groups, and are a great platform to develop campaigns. They are free to join and aim to create a safe space to raise concerns. 

View Liberation Societies

Contact your Officer Team 

Your Officer Team at BCUSU is elected to advocate for students on a variety of issues. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with your concerns.  

They have the network to bring student issues to higher university meetings (like Board of Governors, Academic Board, EDI Committee and more), and can provide guidance on how to navigate university policies and procedures.

Submit to Our Ideas Board and Campaign for Votes 

BCUSU’s Ideas Board is a platform where students can submit suggestions for improvements. Once an idea is posted, students can vote on it. 

Ideas with 25 or more votes are then discussed by your Officer Team, where they will decide if and how they can move forward with your idea.  

Submit an idea

Sign or Create Petitions 

Petitions are an effective way of showing that a number of people support a cause. Whether you sign an existing petition or create a new one, this method demonstrates collective concern and can compel university authorities to take notice and act. 

Spread awareness on social media and fundraise for your cause 

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness and generating support. However, it’s important to anticipate and mitigate negative responses when you post on public platforms. Engage respectfully with critics, provide clear information, and stay focused on your message to maintain credibility and support. 

Fundraising can support initiatives that require financial resources, such as campaigns, events, or charity projects. Organise events or online campaigns to attract further support and attention to your cause. 

Protest when necessary 

When other methods fail, protests can be a powerful way to demand attention and action.  

Protests should be well-organized, peaceful, and clearly communicate the demands. Consider the potential impact, legal implications, and safety of participants before starting or joining a protest. If you are considering starting a protest, let us know and we will discuss ways to support you! 

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