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About Live Sound

The live sound society is an amazing opportunity to get a step into the live sound industry. The perfect society for gaining experience and training. Wether you have years of experience or this is a new found interest there is always something for you to do and advance your skills on. 

We keep in contact with past allumni, venues around west midlands and in house univerity venues to make sure the society is kept at a constant busy pace and there is always something new and interetsting for you to work in.

We will be running regular training sessions to keep the society refreshed on the use of digital mixng desks, PA systems and how signal chain works to ensure every gig we do runs as smoothly as possible.

The Committee


Hannah Woosnam Savage

Vice President And Secretary:

Ciaran Whyte

Participation and Inclusion Officer:

Ben Penfold


Dylan Furniss

Why Join Us?

With the society being free this year there is no better time to join! You will have the best access to the music scene around birmingham and west midlands, with insight into the behind the scenes of how gigs work and are setup. 

If you desired career in the future is within the music industry or even the live events industry, joining our society will give you a wide variety of skills and peformances to show on your CV's and online platforms like Linkedin for employers to see. 

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