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About SALTSoc (Speech & Language Therapy)

Introducing BCU’s Speech and Language Therapy Society!

What is SALTSoc?

SALTSoc is the society for Speech and Language Therapy students and those with an interest in the topic. We hope to create an environment where people with a shared interest can relax, make friends and learn outside of the classroom.

What do SALTSoc do?

SALTSoc are going to be holding socials both on and off campus giving students a chance to meet and unwind. We will provide students with opportunities to study together, practice skills and learn in a more relaxed and personable context than in class.

We run active social media accounts where we share information on society events, awareness days related to SLT and job roles for newly qualified professionals. We use our podcast and blog to provide you with detailed information about life studying and working within Speech and Language.

Why should I become a member?

Becoming a member shows your support for the society and helps us to run even more exciting events.

            Perks include

  • Reduced or free entry to events which cost the society money to run
  • Opportunities to ask questions and request podcast or blog topics
  • The ability to vote in society elections, helping to shape the future of the society

Memberships are live now!

Our Social Media Platforms

Follow us to keep up to date with our events and projects!

Feel free to contact us, the best ways are through our email address and the forums on our blog!

The Committee


Ellie Freeman (L5 BSc)


Ellie Micklethwait (L5 BSc)


Claire Bradshaw (Y2 MSc)

Participation and Inclusion Officer

Amy Adams (L5 BSc)

Fundraising Coordinator

Miranda Parker (L5 BSc)


We can’t wait to meet you!


No elections running at the moment


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