About Us

"Mental Health First Aiders' are part of the Wellbeing Peer Support Scheme at BCU. Please note, that we are not an alternative to/trained psychiatrists, psychologists or therapists. Our role is to simply be a first point of contact when you're not quite feeling yourself, and you just need a chat or you don't know where to go/how to ask for help. We are a shoulder to cry on, a friend, a buddy and a helping hand. From walking/sitting in lectures, to having a cup of tea and some lunch, we're here for you." - bcumhfa

The BCU Mental Health Society, is student-led and aims to reduce stigma in relation to Mental Health and Student Wellbeing. It is made up of like-minded volunteers who want to work towards helping students to feel more at ease talking about their worries and concerns. As a society member, you will be notified about upcoming events and encouraged to volunteer. Examples of events that we have coordinated are: 

  • Awareness Stalls 
  • University Mental Health Day Activities 
  • World Mental Health Day
  • Graduate+ Week 
  • Time to Talk Events

During the COVID 19 Period, as MHFA's we have increased our Social Media Communication; supported our Society Members by offering Virtual Tea and Talk sessions and promoted Mindful Mondays. 

We also conduct socials, which we plan to host reguarly - all ideas and suggestions are greatly received.

Some of our society volunteers have been on the Mental Health First Aiders Course given at BCU. Currently this is only openly accessbile to BSc Psychology Hons/Combined Hons students, however we are looking into possible ways that this can be expanded across campuses and courses. We are also encouraging students from all courses to join our society; the Insight Netwrok, Dig-In, (2019) suggested that approximarely 1 in 8 students suffer from undiagnosed Mental Health conditions - our aim is to make those students feel as supported as possible and to ensure they have access to all of the resources they need. 

Once you have joined our society, please add yourself to our Facebook group BCU Mental Health Society and follow us on Instagram bcu_mhfa

The Committee

- Ellie Niblock 

- Sarah Burton 

- Charlotte Campbell

- Joanne Lloyd

Membership Fee: £4

You can join the society at any time in the academic year, and all annual memberships will expire on 31st August.

Interest List

If you join our Interest List, you will receive the same email updates that our members do until mid-February. After this time you will need to pay for your membership to continue hearing about our events and being able to take part in our activities.

How to Make an Appointment

MHFAs provide a service where where they are assigned to support students, this could be meeting up for a cuppa and a chat or just checking in. All information is on moodle and appointments can also be booked. Or you can contact us through BCU MHFA social media. 

If you wish to make an appointment with one of the volunteer Mental Health First Aiders on Moodle; here is how...

  1. Go to Moodle
  2. Press the 3 lines in the top left
  3. Select site home
  4. In search courses write mhfa
  5. Enrol yourself onto the course
  6. Request an appointment



The Insight Network, Dig-In. University Student Mental Health Survey 2018 [Internet]. 2019. Available from: uploads-ssl.webflow.com

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