Earth Society

The Earth Society is all about making our university a more environmentally friendly place. We are in the middle of a climate emergency and we are going do everything we can to make a positive difference! You are BCUSU's student-led voice for climate justice. 

Our Top Goals  

  • Recycling Rebellion: We are going to take on the big aspects of recycling over the course of term 2, focusing on one issue per month: 
  • January: Single use plastics and the dangers, reusable water bottles for every student and banning the retail of single use plastics.
  • February: Smoking and the harm of throwing your cigarette but on the floor, we will install cigarette recycling spots.
  • March: Fast fashion and the dangers of buying cheap new clothes, we will host a few clothes swaps.
  • April: Food waste and why it shouldn’t just be thrown away: Compost on campus, composting services for all campus’.

Who We Are

  • President Will Crawford
  • Secretary Emily Hopper
  • Treasurer George West
  • Publicity Officer Zoe Mattelaer
  • Social Media Officer Sabiha Addada

How To Get Involved

1. Membership
You require membership to join our email list, and to vote & stand in our elections. Grab yours
for free today. 
2. Social Media 
Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to get involved.  
3. Email
Contact us via email - - to reach the committee directly. 


Clothes Swap (City South)
28th January 10am - 3pm
City South Zone 1b
We all have a few items in our wardrobe that we never wear, so why not give them a new home and find yourself something great!
Society Event (Non-BUCS)
There's no news right now, but check back regularly to see what we're up to!
No elections are currently running
No items available for download