BCU Music Programming and Production Society is a laid back and open minded society in which members explore various aspects of music through computers, from programming music in visual and text based languages (e.g. Max4Live in Ableton, C in Arduino, IntegraLive, OSC, Jesusonic... the list goes on...) to electronic music making (beginner and advanced production and mixing techniques for various styles) and performance in DAW's through control surfaces and digital and analogue hardware with workshops from BCU's PhD students and guest lecturers, BCU Music Technology and SEP lecturers and occasional external visitors.


Is it for me?

We kinda do 2 main things:

  • We have workshop sessions in which we expore the ways electronic music can be created or performed through the building of audio control or sound generation systems as well as beginner and advanced music production techniques and mixing workshops. There's opportunities to learn, ask questions and work on projects you may already be focused on within your own area of interest (projects in your spare time or projects you want to work on within society sessions!).


  • We hold an event near the end of each year (Electric Jam) in which members have the opportunity to showcase their programmed audio systems and/or their original/remixed music they have produced, with systems being integrated into a live musical performance or within a DJ set which can be done on their own or in collaboration with other society members.


When and where?

We typically meet once a week on either a Wednesday or Thursday for 2 hours in the evening in The Orchard (MP246). This is a guidline, it is best to join the Facebook group in which meeting information is posted each week.



Q: Do I need to come to every session? 

A: It is not compulsory to attend every single week however you could miss out on some pretty cool stuff. We try to vary what we do, with the format allowing for people to drop in when they can. If you miss something important, relevant from a previous week, you'll be filled in so you can still get involved in the session you're in!

Q: Is it too late to join? I've only just heard about it.

A: It's never too late to join, whatever time of the year it is or whatever the year of uni you're in, there's still the opportunity to come to workshops, meet other members of the society and be involved!

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