International Society

Responsible for representing the International Student population at BCU; ensuring we work alongside the International Office to provide a safe space to socialise/discuss issues that affect us on campus, and host campaigns to tackle these issues. 

Our Top Goals  

1. Student Safety Awareness: highlighting the importance of staying safe in your new environment and online. 
2. One World Week: working with the International Office to coordinate the University's celebrations of internationality, global culture, and diversity. 
3. To share stories and cultures by organising events, and collaborating with different societies, to reinforce the diverse community at BCU. 

Who We Are

  • President: Parvez Pathan
  • Vice President (China): Hongzhou Lou
  • Vice President (Africa): Wilfred Odior
  • Secretary: Harshil Sharma
  • Treasurer: Ashutosh Goswami

How To Get Involved

1. Membership 
You require membership to join our email list, and to vote & stand in our elections. Grab yours
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2. Social Media 
Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for regular updates to our events. 
3. Email
Contact us via email - - to reach the committee directly. 


We have no events at the moment, but come back regularly to see what we're up to!
There's no news right now, but check back regularly to see what we're up to!
No elections are currently running
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