What We Do

Responsible for representing all Parents  & Carers at BCU, addressing the issues that effect us, and lobbying for change. 

Our Top Goals  

We are currently working to ensure our goals and ideas are the most effective they can be. 

Who We Are

PRESIDENT Annalise Rhoades   
CARER COORDINATOR Vacant (If you're interested, please email harry.jones2@bcu.ac.uk) 
SECRETARY Natalie Marriott
TREASURER Vacant (If you're interested, please email harry.jones2@bcu.ac.uk)

How To Get Involved

1. Membership
You require membership to join our email list, and to vote & stand in our elections. Grab yours for free today. 
2. Social Media 
Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to get involved. 
3. Email
Contact us via email - parentandcarer@teambcu.co.uk - to reach the committee directly. 

Coffee Break
27th November 2pm - 3pm
Join us Wednesday 27 November 2019 between 2pm - 3pm at BCU - CITY SOUTH, Room SCT138.
Society Event (Non-BUCS)
There's no news right now, but check back regularly to see what we're up to!
No elections are currently running
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