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About Indian Society

We are a community for Indian students in University life. The focus of our Indian Society is to provide support to new international students from India, and Indian students from the UK. We hope to provide the comfort of their home country, which they miss due to being abroad. 

We will be celebrating the colorful festivals which we celebrate in India. We also invite all international students who come to join us and explore Indian culture and food.

"Meet and Greet" 

We won the "BCU Cricket Tournament 2022". 

There are a lot of benefits to joining Indian Society. Below are some points mentioned: 

1. Discounts on events that require entry fees: We will be arranging events that might require entry fees, and as a member, you will get a chance to have discounts on those events. 
2. Getting priority for the events and activities: When we sell tickets, our first priority will always be considering you to be a part of that event. So you NEVER MISS OUT on any fun! 
3. Access to Members-Only Events: We will be arranging events only for members. We may not always be able to invite a large group to an event. Therefore, in such cases, we will only consider members to participate in such events. 
4. Meeting New People and Making Connections: Collaborating with other societies helps to get to know new people and make connections
5. It looks great on your resume or as volunteer work: Who doesn't want their resume to stand out? We award certificates to those who join and perform well in the events. Mentioning your skills, awards, and volunteer work may also help you advance in your career. 
6. Social life/making memories: Creating memories and having a fun life are always the goals of any student at any university. So why not start from here? 

Want more benefits? Join our society to learn more!

So, join us at BCU Indian Society and make your memorable footprints with us here.

Our Committee
President Jay Chitroda
Treasurer Udit Saraf
Secretary Deepika Agrawal
Participation and Inclusion Officer Keerthana Sharon
Marketing & Social Media Officer Mohit Patel
No elections running at the moment


  • Prom Night 2023 Fri 2 Jun 2023 - India Prom (Student)£7.00
  • Prom Night 2023 Fri 2 Jun 2023 - India Prom (Non BCU)£15.00
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