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About Photography Society

We are a vibrant community of photography enthusiasts that hold a significant passion for photography.

  • We conduct photo walks, portfolio reviews, workshops & several fun events.
  • To join us, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PRO, because we teach both mobile phone and professional photography (DSLR & MIRRORLESS).
  • You are encouraged to come with your camera and/or phone as the case may be. However, you can get to use some of BCU's equipments after you have completed a simple induction!



1. To inspire, raise and build a community of 2000 storytellers that are able to tell their story and #IAMBCU Story.

2.  To teach students ( phone users and professionals ) how to create compelling images and turn their passion to profit overtime.

3. To provide a platform for photography enthusiasts to connect, share ideas and collaborate on projects.



  • David Dosunmu ( President )
  • Gaurangi Dayal ( Secretary/Vice President )
  • Tochukwu Chukwuma ( Participation and Inclusion Officer )
  • Anzil Mohammed ( Treasurer )
  • Yukta Chauhan

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Become a part of our amazing society and get a new skill to show off to your friends and family, enhance your own personal interest.



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