We allow students to experience the Bangladeshi culture for example the traditional food and entertainment. We would also like to raise awareness of any vulnerable topics surrounding Bangladesh eg, rohengya. We would like to raise funds for charities benefiting Bangladesh as there is a lot of poverty and unhealthy environment affecting Bangladesh. This society will help bring all students together and educate them on our culture. 

The Committee
  • President - Nahida Begum (Isha)
  • Vice President - Hafiza Islam
  • Secretary - Nahian Saad
  • Treasurer - Homayra Elahi
  • Social Media Officer - Rayhan Ahmed
  • Charity Rep - Nahian Saad
Membership Fee: £3

You can join the society at any time in the academic year, and all annual memberships will expire on 31st August.

Interest List

If you join our Interest List, you will receive the same email updates that our members do until mid-February. After this time you will need to pay for your membership to continue hearing about our events and being able to take part in our activities.

Meet and Greet
29th January 4pm - 29th February 6pm
C389, Third Floor, Curzon Building, City Centre
Society Event (Non-BUCS)
There's no news right now, but check back regularly to see what we're up to!
No elections are currently running
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