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About Put The Kettle On

Put the kettle on is a place to explore new and varying hot drinks, from flowering teas and exotic coffees to chai lattes and other cultural cuppa’s, whilst encouraging and building a friendly environment of support, chatter and fun.

Come for the tea, stay for the people!

But what does a Hot drinks society get up to? 

Well, our regular sessions on campus will have a rotating beverage of the day, where we will try a new hot drink. If that's not to your liking, we'll also offer Tea, Coffee or Hot chocolate to suit. We aim to also bring along a variety of snacks, from biscuits and cookies to cake and crackers, and we do our best to cater to any dietary requirements you may have! All hot drinks and food at these sessions are covered in the membership fee!

We also plan to explore new and interesting cafes and bakeries around Birmingham and carry out various excursions regularly and carry out other interesting events like Paint-A-Pot, Cat Cafe Visits, Afternoon tea or other charity fundraisers.

We have three goals for this coming year: 

  1. Raise £250 for Foodbanks in the Birmingham area to ensure everyone can have a cup of tea and a biscuit when they need it.
  2. Run monthly *(In Term Time*) Events called “A cup and a chat”  raising awareness about mental health and wellbeing.
  3. By the end of the 2021/22 academic year, we hope to have achieved a total of 25 active members attending meetings and imputing into the life of the kettle.

If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, come along and join us during give it a go fortnight, join or discord Server, or feel free to drop us a message on Instagram or Facebook too!  

The Commit-tea

The PTKO Committee is a super friendly bunch from a wide range of faculties, we're open for a chat about anything, so don't hesitate to get in contact!

Role Name Contact Info
President CJ Cooper @xx_teenage_dirtbag_xx
Secretary Saff Dawson-McNally saffron.dawson-mcnally@mail.bcu.ac.uk
Participation and Inclusion    
Treasurer Luke McCombe luke.mccombe@mail.bcu.ac.uk

The Discord Server

You can use this link to join our discord. Anyone is welcome to come and say hi - it's where most of our chatting outside of events happens.  


If you don't feel comfortable on Discord, that's okay. You can reach out to us for help, tips and tricks or just get involved through our Instagram and in-person events instead!

Membership Perks: 

By becoming a paid member of Put The Kettle On - you'll get access to these amazing perks and treats:

  • 2 FREE hot drinks at every regular, on campus session (and sometimes some tasty snacks too!) 
  • Access to our members only Minecraft server (Currently under construction) 
  • A ballot in our regular surprise draw (where you can win some cool and fun PTKO Merch!)
  • Access to our Members Only Events (Including but not limited to: Paint-A-Pot, Crafting sessions, cat cafe visits, museum trips and more!)
No elections running at the moment


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