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About Gujarati Society

Gujarati society refers to the people and culture of the western Indian state of Gujarat. The state has a rich history, diverse cultural heritage, and a vibrant society, and we are trying to bring that here.

We are an inclusive society that celebrates Gujarati culture and values. As a society, we aim to promote diversity at BCU. We provide support for students and promote social interaction between current and alumni in the community. We hope to create a fun and safe space that leaves an impression on one's university.

Gujaratis are known for their colorful festivals and celebrations, including Navratri, Diwali, Uttarayan, etc. These festivals are marked by vibrant music, dance, and food. We bring together Gujarati students to celebrate this.

Core Committee Member

Aaryan Shah - President
Jay Chitroda - Treasurer
Parita Kumbhani - Secretary
Payal Solanki - Participation and Inclusion Officer

No elections running at the moment
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