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About Punjabi Society

Everyone is welcome in Punjabi society, which is inclusive. We are here to help you learn more about the history and culture of Charda (Indian side) and Lehnda (Pakistan side) Punjab. Punjabi Society is a non-discriminated student-based society which strives to educate and communicate the values of the Punjabi Culture.

We want to bring Punjabi culture into your university experience by hosting numerous activities and events that will occur throughout your time at university. This will allow members to network and socialise with those of similar and different backgrounds as well as provide us with your own ideas and experiences. Also, having open discussions about the current issues that effecting mental health of Punjabi students here at university.

The Committee
President  Sarabjeet Singh 
Vice President Vacant
Treasurer Amanveer Singh 
Participation and Inclusion Officers Sidra Mukhtar
Marketing Officer Ashween Kaur


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