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About the Club

BCU Men's Hockey is a sociable and competitive club, constantly looking to improve on all fronts. We encourage anyone with an interest in hockey to join and be part of our family. Recruitment starts now so come and find us at the 'Welcome Fair' on Weds 18th September and get to know who we are!

If you'd like to know what it's like to be a member of Men's Hockey just ask a member of our team at the Welcome Fair and we will be more than welcome to share our experience with you. And if you can't wait until then, at the bottom of this page you can find quotes from a couple of our most recent freshers.

How we Operate

We train every week (exact schedule TBC for 2019/20), and matches are played on a Wednesday afternoon. The teams compete in the BUCS League, the National Cup and in friendlies when possible.

After matches there is the oportunity for a social outing with the hockey players and players from the other sports and clubs of Birmingham City Students' Union.

Quotes about BCU Hockey Club

Ethan Warner, Fresher - 2016/2017

University can be a daunting time, whether you are a fresher or not. As my year as a fresher comes to an end, I can whole heartedly say that becoming a part of a sports society, or any society for that matter, is the best decision that you could ever make during your time with BCU. It will be a hectic year for you, and there will be no shortage of stress, but if you’re contemplating joining us this year, then I tell you without a doubt, that you most certainly should. 

In September 2016, I arrived in Birmingham with no friends, no idea what I had been dropped into and the worry that university wouldn’t be the amazing experience it is so often made out to be. Having been part of a team before I came to university, I looked toward the only thing that I was familiar with, hockey. I forced myself to go to the ‘Welcome Fair’ during my first week at BCU and recall the sigh of relief I took when I was greeted by two members of the hockey society, and as I signed up I wondered if I was making the right decision. I went to the first training session, where I didn’t know a single person, terrified that I wouldn’t be good enough to be a part of the team, and I realised that everyone else felt the same way and that we were all going through the same daunting experience. The team were great, and welcomed us all into the fold with open arms, even the players who had never played hockey before. 

The year progressed and I became strong friends with the entire team, something I never thought would happen. I was constantly meeting new people and going to new and exciting places, whether it was a social event on Broad Street or a beach in Lloret de Mar! There never seemed to be any shortage of kindness or dedication from a single member of the team and thanks to them, I became a better person, I made loads of friends, and most importantly I improved more than I ever thought I could at hockey. 

Now, one year on, I sit here writing this and I am lucky enough to be captain for Men’s Hockey’s first ever second team, with an amazing and dedicated group of friends and can’t help but wonder where the past year has gone. So as a committee member this year, I implore you to jump at the opportunity to be a part of the best society BCU has to offer and be a part of our family!


Jas Randhawa, Fresher - 2016/2017

Dear Fresher’s, or to any student in the interest of joining one of Birmingham City University’s many sports societies. From my personal experience I believe joining BCU men’s hockey was the best decision I had made all year. As a first year student at a new educational institution with no friends at the same university or course I was in, I found it extremely difficult to make friends as I was quite shy and not very confident. However, after I joined Men's Hockey I did not make friends…I had a whole new family who allowed me to truly be myself as well as gain confidence and learn new skills.

Other than playing hockey we do many other team bonding activities; such as organising events at clubs, which was one of my main highlights of the year. There are also team bonding events abroad, in countries such as Spain, where you really get to know one another, not just from Men's Hockey but from all the other sports teams that take part.

Furthermore, if you are worried about not having any prior experience in the sport - that’s okay. I did not have any experience at all and I was able to develop my skills and became a decent player, we now have two teams so there will be more chance for you to play with people at the same level as you.

And to address the fear I had as I began my first year at BCU… I was afraid that my time here would fly by – and it really has. So make the most of your time, grab hold of any opportunity that excites you and have the best university experience that BCU has to offer!

League & Cup Standings:

2016/17 - 5th Men's BUCs PwC Hockey Midlands 3A

2015/16 - 1st Men's BUCs PwC Hockey Midlands 4A - League Winners

2014/15 - 4th Men's BUCs PwC Hockey Midlands 4B 

2013/14 - 6th Men's BUCs PwC Hockey Midlands 3B

2012/13 - 1st Men's  BUCS PwC Hockey Midlands 4B - League Winners

                  Cup - Round 4 (Quarter Final) BUCS PwC Hockey Midlands Conference Cup

2011/12 - Joint 3rd BUCS PwC Hockey Midlands 4B

                  Cup - Round 2 BUCS PwC Hockey Midlands Conference Cup

2010/11 - 4th Men's 4A Midlands Conference

2009/10 - 3rd Men's 4A Midlands Conference

2008/09 - 3rd Men's 4A Midlands Conference

2007/08 - No Records Available

2006/07 - 6th Men's 2A Midlands Conference

2005/06 - 1st Men's 3E Midlands Conference - League Winners

2004/05 - 4th Men's 2A Midlands Conference



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