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About MEDLIFE Society

We are the MEDLIFE society!

MEDLIFE is a NGO who's mission is to build a worldwide movement empowering the poor in their fight for equal access to healthcare, education and a safe home. MEDLIFE partner with communities by listening to their needs, to provide resources and opportunities to access healthcare and education, and construct development projects to empower lower income communities. Previous developemnt projects were building a staircase, and corn dyrers. With needs ever evolving so do the projects!

In 2018 MEDLIFE partnered with BCU and as a result two education students visited Peru to work alongside MEDLIFE, this year 10 healthcare students travelled to Peru to participate in a service learning trip. 2020 could this be you? Please note this is open to ALL STUDENTS and you DO NOT have to be studying the subject to participate.

OUR aim is to bring Medlife's mission home by volunteering in the local community, encouraging participation in medlifes service learning trips to peru and other locations and aid fundraising for these trips. As a member of the society, we can also offer Service Learning Trips to all 6 destinations in the 3 partnered countries! Email to find out more - Contact your faculty overseas coordinator to find out about travel scholarships to help fund your trips.

Donate to MEDLIFE's BIGGEST project yet: "WALLS THAT UNIFY" with a society goal of $700 by March 2020 for wall 7 out of 12! 
About Us

We are a new society, welcoming all students who want to make a difference and leave an impact in the world. To continue the movement here at BCU we would like to oppotunitise fundraising and volunteering events. If you have previous skills assest valuable to the team, skills you'd like to gain or an interest you'd like to explore then get in touch and join!

If you have any questions email:,

Look forward to hearing from you! :) 

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