We are here to educate, inform and immerse students in West Indian culture. Helping West Indian students to embrace their heritage, giving them a greater understanding of where they come from, how they can express themselves and be immersed within their culture while away from home.

While also taking the opportunity to inform those who are not of the culture and have less knowledge as we are all about inclusivity. Sharing the culture and bringing people together of a West Indian and non West Indian background in a fun, creative and educational way.

BCU W.I.S was created as a response to the lack of representation of Caribbean culture within university life. We aim to be the bridge that connects the students and the culture, representing Caribbean university students; prospective, undergrad, postgrad, masters, alumni alike, whether UK born or straight from the West Indies we want to encourage students to meet new people, creating friends and even potential future connections.

Membership Fee: £4.50

You can join the society at any time in the academic year, and all annual memberships will expire on 31st August.

  • President - Saych 
  • Vice President - Clarkie 
  • Secretary - Radjua 
  • Treasure - Denzil 
  • Welfare & Inclusion Officer - Sheryse 
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