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About the Club

Women’s hockey offers a chance for students to de-stress from the pressures of university life. It’s a chance to socialise and build new friendships to enable you to experience and enjoy university and get involved in a wider community. Through matches, training and club social functions, you’re guaranteed the best time of your university life! Training timetables will be announced soon and matches are played on Wednesday afternoons.

(BCU Women's Hockey Team 2016/7)

We are proud to say that we now also not only participate within the university community, but are also affiliated with Barford Tigers! This gives us extra training and allows us to compete in Saturday matches with other clubs in the Midlands. Barford open their arms to players of all abilities, and offer a rich social experience, and a chance to widen your social circle outside of BCU!

(Our girls playing for Barford Tigers)    (Sonning Tour 2015)

    (Our girls playing for Barford Tigers)                          (Sonning Tour 2015)

As of 2015 we also began entering a mixed team in national hockey festivals which now form an integral part of our social calendar! Whether we're driving to Reading or driving over to our neighbouring town Solihull, wherever we end up we have a great time. These trips help us bond and keep in contact over summer, and are cheap as chips! We've formed good links with all sorts of touring teams from all over the country and tour hockey is a refreshing change to competitive BUCS hockey.

"Joining women's hockey, for me, wasn't all about the sport as I was a beginner and hadn't played since I was 13. As a fresher last year, I wanted to join a society where I'd be able to make friends more easily, something that was a bit more of a difficulty since I live at home, and hockey are so welcoming that making friends was easy. The training sessions on Monday really helped get my fitness up and are always a lot of fun. It really helps that we're not overly competitive either so that we can all have a lot of fun whilst playing and training. I'd really recommend joining as, not only have I made good friends, my social skills and confidence have improved alongside my hockey playing ability."

Sadeka Chowdhury, Vice President 2017/18

Give it a Go Sessions

If you're looking to give hockey a try before committing to membership, then we offer 2 free hockey sessions to see if we're the right fit for you!


We are one of the most established clubs at BCU and have a fantastic track record, with not only the club and committee winning several awards over the years but also individual members shining in the BCU Community. 

Winners of Varsity 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2016/2017, and 2017/18!

Event of the Year 2016/17 - Men's and Women's Hockey Colourfest

Most Committed Team of the Year 2014/2015

Comittee Of The Year 2013/2014

Undefeated champions of the league 2012/2013

Winners of BCU Team of the Year 2012/2013

Winners of the Doug Ellis award 2011/2012

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