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About Pakistani Society

About Us

We are a society which appreciates and wants students from any background to experience the Pakistan culture. We want to bring together people from all background not just Pakistani and give them a homely atmosphere. 

We want our members to experience all different types of fun events for example games nights, bowling nights and events in collaboration with other midland universities' PakSocs. 

We will also host events in order to raise money for charity e.g. The floods in Pakistan...

The Committee

President                Avais Ahmed 
Vice President        Hasan Khan
Secretary                Homayra Elahi
Treasurer                Muhammad Adan Nadeem
Social Media           Hadiyah Zaman & Usama Aslam
Event Coordinator   Aleena Naeem
Inclusion Officer      Talha Sohail

Membership Fee: £4

Memberships can be bought at any point during the academic year and all memberships will expire on 31st August 2023. Send us an email once you have bought your membership and we will add you in our WhatsApp group!
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