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  • BCU Rowing

    Welcome to Birmingham City University Rowing Club, a TeamBCU sports team catering for people who are complete beginners, to people wanting to train competitively!

  • BCU Silat

    Welcome to the BCUSilat page. Offering students a unique opportunity to try a new explosive and effective martial art that will enhance their time at BCU

  • BCU Squash Club
  • BCUSU Women's Fitness Club
  • Birmingham Lions Ice Hockey
  • Cheerleading

    Want to get back into dance or start something unique? Look no further. We have dance, stunt and tumbling classes now available for all abilities along with weekly socials.

  • Extreme Sports

    B.E.S.T - Bcusu Extreme Sports Team

  • Jiu Jitsu

    Practical self defence, affordable prices, great socials

  • Kickboxing

    BCU Kickboxing is open to all levels of ability, we offer the opportunity to compete competitively or just get fit!

  • Polo

    Welcome to the Birmingham City University Polo Team. We are open to riders of all abilities and teach polo from a beginner level. We compete biannually against every university polo team in the UK.

  • Rock Climbing

    Climbing and Mountaineering Society

  • Swimming

    Fancy leading a new Swim team? Contact us!

  • Taekwondo

    Taekwondo, known as legendary kicking art, is the most popular martial art and martial sport. The Olympic game and Universiade sport is now available at BCU, welcoming everyone. Realise your dreams!

We have lots of sports to tempt you, whatever you may be into. We offer competitive and non-competitive sports, team and individual sports, contact and non-contact. You can join Team BCU (our collective name for our student groups) throughout the year, so if you don’t get a chance during Welcome Week, don’t be disheartened – our friendly staff can offer guidance and provide details of training times, match days, transport, costs etc. Whatever your question, we can help or point you towards the President of the particular sports group you are interested in.

For more details, either click on the individual sports listed, or contact us. Can't see anything you like? Find out how to create your own group.

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