GIFT : Growing in Faith and Truth.

GIFT is a group of students that meet weekly in the hope and aim of growing together in faith through the truth of the bible.

GIFT is a non-denominational society which means it doesn't matter if you're a Catholic or Pentecost, Jehovah's Witness or Seventh-Day Adventist, Jew or Greek, Man or Woman, Short or Tall! you don't even have to be human, yeah, Martians are welcome too.

At the Core, GIFT is about we as Christians, we as Students, creating a forum of questioning, reasoning, sharing and studying in the aim of growing in faith through the words of God. The Bible.

How Does that sound?

We meet on Wednesdays @ 6:00pm untill 8:00pm in the Curzon Building, Room C317.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

"GIFT encouranged me to stay strong whilst at uni. It gave me hope in hard times. Having students who believe in God and wanna do the right thing is great motivation." - Melisa, Graduated 2015.

"GIFT has been an enviroment where i've been able to learn how to love others in word and in action." - Peace, 3rd Year.

"It took me a while to stumble across it but as a Christian student it was exactly what i needed, and wasn't looking for." -Chin, 2nd Year.


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Take care & God Bless


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