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The Advice Team is a professional service always here to help you resolve your problems.

Please note that the Advice Team does not monitor or inspect any properties but we can provide advice on the validity of tenancy agreements, safety issues and your rights/obligations as a tenant.

PLEASE NOTE - Birmingham City University Students' Union only recommends landlords and letting agents who are accredited by the Midland Landlord Accreditation Scheme (MLAS). This is a scheme that has been set up to recognise and promote good landlords and agents. Check the MLAS website to see the current list of accredited landlords and agents.

The best places to search online are:

Before using these sites please read our advice on avoiding Housing Scams that target students.

There are a number of websites that allow students in the private sector to advertise their spare room or look for potential housemates. Make sure you view the accommodation thoroughly and know how to contact the landlord or agent before signing or paying anything.

Try the Students’ Union’s Room and Housemate Finder Facebook group.

Other useful sites include:

Before using these sites, read our advice on avoiding Housing Scams that target students.

Rooms in University Halls of Residence are primarily reserved for first year students and international students. However places do sometimes become available throughout the year so check with Accommodation Services on 0121 331 5191. Also, have a look at the Students’ Union’s Room and Housemate Finder Facebook group for any rooms which are being advertised.

There are also a number of private halls in Birmingham, with most of them situated in and around the city centre. Rents tend to be more expensive, but often include additional facilities such as free internet access.

You can find details of B&B/hotels in the Birmingham area here:

Some students have used Hatters Hostel for short term accommodation.

Some of the private accommodation providers like Unite or Student Roost might be able to able help.

Please contact the Advice Team for further help.

The Students’ Union has a Room and Housemate Finder Facebook group to help students wanting to advertise a spare room.

Here are a couple of other websites:

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