1. Pick the best student bank account - make sure you’re taking advantage of the student bank account with the best interest free overdraft (even if you're already a student, take a look as you can switch and gain) by checking out Money Saving Expert's website.
  2. Work out your budget - keep control of your expenditure and ensure you're not left without cash. Try the simple UCAS budget planner or more comprehensive one provided by Money Saving Expert to get you started.
  3. Avoid credit and store cards - if you don't have an income you can't repay the debts which means the interest will compound and build quickly leaving you owing serious cash. For example, a debt of £1500 on a credit card with a rate of 15.9% over 9 months could mean you having to pay £176 in interest alone.
  4. Buy a travel pass - if you’re a regular bus or train user it’s likely that you’ll save money if you buy a travel card. A student bus pass can save you over £300. West Midlands Network have a wider variety of public transport passes for students that cover bus (all companies)/tram/train in a variety of combos. Full time students (of any age) can get 1/3 off train fares with a 16-25 railcard.
  5. Get help with health costs - students are not automatically exempt from paying for health costs such as prescriptions and dental charges. But you can apply for help on the basis of your low income. To do so you need to fill in a HC1 form.
  6. Buy an NUS Totum card - the discount card and app giving you access to exclusive student deals on food and fashion, tech and travel and everything in between.
  7. Get discounts using your institution ID card or other free student discount schemes like Unidays and Student Beans.
  8. Make sure your tenancy deposit is protected - this may not save you money right now but it could when you come to move out. By law, deposits must be put into a tenancy deposit protection scheme.
  9. Cut down on your utility bills - click here to find the best value-for-money options.
  10. Turn the thermostat down - save up to £30 on a £300 annual heating bill just by turning the thermostat down by one degree.
  11. Take advantage of student discounts on computers and software including a free copy of Microsoft Office 365.
  12. Save money when printing at uni - print mutiple pages on one sheet of paper by selecting the option on the print driver.

For more information on any of these tips or for any other money advice contact the Advice Centre.

Check out Money Saving Expert for many more tips to stretch your funding.