Using ChatGPT to write an essay?

Use of AI such as ChatGPT CAN be detected by the university

laptop using chatGPT


Artificial intelligence, such as ChatGTP, can be detected in your course work!

Some articles suggest AI can be difficult, if not impossible, to detect when used to help write an essay. This is NOT the case!

BCU uses plagiarism detection software called Turnitin which has recently added AI writing detection capability. Our Advice Team is already seeing a number of academic misconduct cases involving use of AI.

The rise of Artificial Intellegence tools such as ChatGTP is all over the news. Given that AI is developing rapidly, universities are grappling with the challenge for academic integrity if students chose to present the output of AI tools as their own work.

Using AI in a way that means a submission does not represent your own work can have serious consequences. Penalties for serious cases of academic misconduct include withdrawal from the course.

If you do use AI for research it is vital that you reference it correctly. If in doubt, speak to your tutors or BCU's Centre for Academic Success (CAS), directly. They have made a document with FAQs which may help answer any questions you have about using AI. 

Read FAQs

Contact and find out more about the BCU CAS

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