What exactly do Student Academic Leaders do?

  • You will motivate and encourage students to participate in the system, empowering students to make a difference in their university experience at BCU.
  • Arrange and participate in Student Feedback Forums by empowering them to attend Student Feedback Forums and give them to opportunity to contribute to their course.
  • Build relationships with the Programme Leader and senior members of staff from your school. 
  • Feedback the progress on issues to students on your programme.
  • Liaise with the Students' Union and your School Rep about your work as a Student Academic Leader on your contribution to your course.

Once you've applied...

  • You will receive a welcome email with information about the compulsory training and your training pack from School Rep.
  • You will also receive a branded t-shirt once you have completed your training.
  • The training will enable you to have a better idea on how to make changes that benefit your programme and the students on it.
  • Throughout the year there will be training and development opportunities which will help develop your employability skills.
  • There will be opportunities to meet other students reps from across Birmingham to share knowledge, experiences and attend workshops and of course the all-important skill of networking.
Did you know that this activity can be logged on your Graduate + Award! 



Find Your Student Academic Leader

Your SU Rep System Contact:

 Debra Doyle, Student Voice Coordinator.

0121 331 6842