We stimulate and enhance the overall experience of CGT Students whilst they are students at Birmingham City University. The Game Creation Federation sources and provides opportunities for current and future students of CGT from workshops and classes for extra skills or techniques that will be useful to students whilst applying to work in the industry.

The Committee
  • President - Beth Cawthorne
  • Treasurer - Jack Hunt
  • Secretary - Vacant
Main Location

City Centre Campus

Membership Fee: £3

You can join the society at any time in the academic year, and all annual memberships will expire on 31st August.

Join our society discord: https://discord.gg/WuqNARX
We have no events at the moment, but come back regularly to see what we're up to!
There's no news right now, but check back regularly to see what we're up to!

Game Creation Federation Committee By-Election 2020/21

This society still has important committee roles to fill before it can carry on into the next academic year.

3 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 23:59 on Tuesday 14 April 2020 (in 6 days)

The polls open at 01:00 on Thursday 16 April 2020 (in 7 days)

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