Receiving your £400 energy rebate

Here's everything you need to know about the government payment

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In May, the government announced a £400 payment (called the Energy Bills Support Scheme) to reduce every household energy bill this winter. Exactly how you'll be paid this money depends on your supplier and how you pay for your energy bills.


Here's how it works:


  • You don’t need to apply, for many it will be a straightforward payment into your account 

  • Or, you will get your bill reduced by £66-£67 each month from Oct 2022 – March 2023 

  • Click below to see how you'll receive the £400, based on your energy supplier and payment method

Receiving your £400


For some students it's not so straightforward...

Renting a student house with energy bills included: 


Some landlords have been arguing that they should keep the £400 due to their increased costs. Thankfully, the government is making landlords pass on the cash; we still don’t know the detail on the practicalities but will update you when we do. 


Living in Uni Locks or private halls: 


Unfortunately, students in halls won’t be eligible for the scheme because they don’t have an accessible meter point or a direct relationship with their energy supplier. 

Thankfully, the government announced that further funding would be available through 2022/23 to help those not reached by the scheme. The big question now is whether this alternative fund includes students in halls. Again, we’ll keep you updated. 


Log an enquiry to speak with our Advice Team 


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