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What exactly do School Reps do?


Acting as a link between Course Reps, The University and your Students Union, School Reps are there to make sure that students are able to have their voices heard at all levels of the University.

You will work with senior staff in your faculty on projects and also attend School and Faculty level meetings. You will have an opportunity to directly influence the way the University does things.

The School Rep system has been in place for several years and it is generally based on a model of 2 School Reps per school. These are voluntary positions receiving an honorarium annual bursary of £500 paid in instalments throughout the year.


The main Focus of the role is as follows:

  1. Represent the views of students at the school and faculty level and feedback on the outcomes of discussions.
  2. Build relationships with key staff within the school and faculty, and provide specific information about student issues and concerns.
  3. Actively promote student participation in student engagement/ quality enhancement activity, commenting critically but constructively on issues related to learning and teaching.

Main Responsibilities

  • Engaging with the Course Reps in your school helping and supporting their development and training, helping to resolve any feedback issues they have.
  • Attending Meetings:
    • Some Student Feedback Forums at the course level (per semester)
    • School Learning Teaching and Quality meetings at the school level (per semester)
    • Faculty Learning Teaching and Quality Committee. (per semester)
    •  Student Voice Council (per semester) and follow up meetings
  • Building relationships with Course Leaders, Heads of Schools, Student Success Advisors and the Associate Dean in your Faculty.
  • Collaborating with the VP Voice and VP Academic Experience on campaigns.
  • Involvement in promoting Leadership elections and relevant Students’ Union campaigns and activities.
  • Submitting a report every semester to the Student Voice team at BCUSU.
  • Attend and engage in School Rep Forums a space to collaborate and feedback ideas as well as organize Student Voice events across the whole of the University.


  • Earn points towards Graduate+ Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Rep social events. (Rep Ball)
  • Bolster Your CV.
  • Training and experience in an important leadership role.
  • Experience overcoming barriers and building confidence.
  • Work to solve University-wide issues with your fellow School Reps.
  • Networking with Students and Staff.
  • Enhance your communication and problem-solving Skills.


The Students’ Union will offer you support and guidance throughout the year.

Training is compulsory, however, there will also be:

  • Scheduled catch-up meetings with you:
    • To make sure that you are happy in the role and to see what support you need.
    • To cover recent developments in your school and the University as a whole
    • To discuss any projects or issues you’ve been working on.
  • Briefings for Faculty/University meetings and linked Student Voice activity.
  • Teams Portal with information support and guidance.
  • Ongoing communication via Whatsapp and email.
  • Further training and development sessions (offered through Teams).

What are we looking for?

In a nutshell, we are looking for students who are good communicators, with a positive approach to solving problems and the ability to quickly understand and evaluate new ideas. Previous experience being a student leader is desirable, but not essential.


School Rep Guide


How do I become a School Rep?

Please complete the application form. If you are shortlisted you will be invited to an informal interview with an Activities and Representation Coordinator, the Vice President Student Voice and a Student Success Adviser from the University. You will be asked why you want to be a School Rep and the things you might want to do as a Rep for your school.

After interviewing any other shortlisted candidates from your school, the panel will let you know if you were successful.


Did you know that this activity can be logged on your Graduate + Award!