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Even though we’re all at home right now, your ideas don’t have to stop. You may have an idea to improve your online teaching experience, or it may be an idea for when we’re all back at University. You can submit an idea for any part of your student experience; from more microwaves on campus, to academic, support, from a new society, to more lockers etc. – literally anything that will improve your student experience.

How the process works:

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  • If your idea gets a minimum score of 16 votes at the end of the 14 days, your idea will have received enough votes to be sent to the Executive Officer team to review and make a final decision on whether this idea becomes an official BCUSU policy or not. Your votes and comments will help the Executive Officer team make that final decision.

So start thinking about what would help you have a better student experience at BCU, and submit it here!

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Student Voice

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    Bring Back Leila

      After 3 years of building up relations with both students and staff, Leila Hooton has not been kept on as a Student Rep (Music) for RBC. Why has someone with such a strong record of representation, organisation and commitment not been kept on? Someone who is approachable, dependable and genuinely cares about the student experience. #BringBackLeila
    Leila Jasmine Lona Hooton
    8:01pm on 27 Jul 20 Despite what BCU believe, the Conservatoire functions separately to the rest of the university. There are many factors that prove this - one, for example, being the fact that we do not have Wednesday afternoons off to join societies. Consequently, the rep system is viewed differently by students. It is more like a school council in which students build relations with and get to know their reps. After 3 years of building up a reputation and trustworthy relationship with students, it seems inexplicable to change the student reps. It is also not democratic that the conservatoire cannot vote for the students that will represent their thoughts. It’s time for things to change.
    Lucy Samuels
    10:31pm on 27 Jul 20 Equally why is there not an opportunity for us to choose our representation as students? This seems undemocratic - it shouldn’t be for the university to choose who best represents the students - or that defeats the point!!
    Joshua Innes Landsburgh
    12:58pm on 28 Jul 20 Are you seriously asking the union to overturn the result of an application process to a paid job? Conservatoire do not have Wednesday afternoons off because Conservatoire choose not to action this, as opposed to every other school in the university. This not the fault of BCU, and act like it is shows a fundamental lack of how the school, university and union are run.
    Leila Jasmine Lona Hooton
    1:20pm on 28 Jul 20 Josh for one this is not a paid job. It is a role to which a bursary is given. Two, conservatoire have no choice But to schedule things on a Wednesday afternoon due to large number of classes they provide. The process of selecting who represents student views is not democratic and does not match those of the other UK conservatoires. Consequently, this unfairness IS a result of BCU.
    Alexander Collett-Sinfield
    4:06pm on 28 Jul 20 I guess now it's time for me to give up I feel it's time Got a picture of you beside me Got your lipstick mark still on your coffee cup Oh yeah Got a fist of pure emotion Got a head of shattered dreams Gotta leave it, gotta leave it all behind now Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn't mean it I just want you back for good (Want you back, want you back, want you back for good) Whenever I'm wrong Just tell me the song and I'll sing it You'll be right and understood (Want you back, want you back, want you back for good) I want you back for good
    Joshua Innes Landsburgh
    9:51am on 29 Jul 20 It's a role with money attached that you had to apply for - at which point by all means, ask for a democratic means of choosing who takes the role (like George has and I have voted for). Petitioning to have the outcome of an application process overturned is a joke. The music school of the conservatoire has some of the lowest contact time in all of BCU, so they CAN put classes wherever they like, however they choose to put them on a Wednesday afternoon, making it more difficult for students to engage in BCUSU, both in terms of societies, and in terms of wider SLA and School Rep activity. The acting school is full time, but if RBC actively chose to engage with BCUSU this could be restructured.
    Leila Jasmine Lona Hooton
    10:39am on 29 Jul 20 I was in a meeting, as your rep, where Steve told me Conservatoire have no choice but to schedule classes on a Wednesday afternoon. Furthermore you say that challenging a decision is a joke. What if the application system it’s self is at fault? Is it still a joke?
    Joshua Innes Landsburgh
    12:04pm on 29 Jul 20 If the application system is at fault, then the motion should be "Reform the application system for School Rep" or "Allow students to vote for their School Reps" - overturning the result of an application process without first seeing the applications isn't democracy, it's mob rule. You were in a meeting with Conservatoire staff at least a year ago, where Conservatoire staff told you it wasn't possible to keep Wednesdays free. Did you challenge this at the time and ask to see evidence of contact and minutes of meetings discussing it? Is this the same Conservatoire that said it wasn't possible to pay stewards a higher wage, or to have them employed by BCU or BCUSU, which turned out to be false, and they hadn't even raised it as an issue? The same Conservatoire that ignored offers of paid gigs from the Eagle & Ball when it first opened and didn't pass on any info to students? The same Conservatoire who have been found multiple times this year to have been dishonest with students if it meant they had to work to improve their experience? Absolutely, reform the system, but maybe this complete blindness towards the way the university/conservatoire is actually run might be why you weren't deemed suitable for the role of being the liaison between the two.
    Lisa Dugmore
    2:57pm on 31 Jul 20 Your Students’ Union would like to thank you for commenting and voting on this idea. The idea has reached 16 votes and will now be passed to your Officer Team for review. Your Vice President Student Voice will update you on Monday with the progress of the idea.
    Runcie Chikeruba Wilson Chidebe
    4:06pm on 3 Aug 20 Your Students’ Union would like to thank you for submitting, commenting and voting on this idea. It has now passed over to your Officer Team, as part of BCUSU procedure. Your Officer Team has extensively discussed this idea. We can confirm the recruitment for School Rep of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire was conducted earlier this year following the same recruitment process used in all faculties within Birmingham City University. The interview process for the School Representative role consists of a review/recruitment panel which includes ADM Faculty Staff, Vice President Student Voice, and BCUSU staff. A strict independent scoring system is used by each member of the panel to ensure that each interview is conducted in a fair and consistent manner. This process enables fair judgement and chance at the role. Preceding the information above, we will not be furthering this idea. Our students are the heart of every decision we make; hence, we have and will continue to engage with all those directly involved to offer diverse ways to be part of the Representation System. As always, your Officer Team is thankful for your ideas. Vice President Student Voice, BCUSU.