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As we’re a student-led organisation, we always need you to tell us your ideas so that we can help to make your student experience at BCU, a better one.

Even though we’re all at home right now, your ideas don’t have to stop. You may have an idea to improve your online teaching experience, or it may be an idea for when we’re all back at University. You can submit an idea for any part of your student experience; from more microwaves on campus, to academic, support, from a new society, to more lockers etc. – literally anything that will improve your student experience.

How the process works:

  • Any student can submit an idea via this ideas platform
  • Once you submit an idea it will go live here for 14 days
  • During the 14 days, every student will have the opportunity to ask you questions about your idea and make constructive comments
  • Every student will then have the option to vote for which ideas they want to see taken forward by your Students’ Union Officers.
  • If your idea gets a minimum score of 16 votes at the end of the 14 days, your idea will have received enough votes to be sent to the Executive Officer team to review and make a final decision on whether this idea becomes an official BCUSU policy or not. Your votes and comments will help the Executive Officer team make that final decision.

So start thinking about what would help you have a better student experience at BCU, and submit it here!

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    Textile Design - Weave/ Knitting: Need more technicians that can support weave/knit students and more weaving equipment

      Specifically for Textile Design students that have chosen weave or knit, we really need more technicians that can support weave students whenever they need help, and more weaving equipment available to use, because unlike the other specialisms, with the weave students it slows us all down when we have to wait for our one weave technician to be free to help us because sometimes we can't progress onto anything else until we have had that bit of help that we need, as well as if we have to wait for machines/ equipment to be free to use which is stopping us from producing our textile samples/ producing them to the best of our ability if, for example, the time we can have using a certain machine has to be cut short
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