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A place to post your ideas and vote on other students' ideas.

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    Access to anti-spiking products

    • Events
    • University Campuses
    • Wellbeing
    • Food and Drink
    Drink spiking is a potentially life ending problem than can affect anyone and you should be concerned about it.

    When a drink is spiked, it means that it has had some form of substance added to it without the person's knowledge or consent. Students are at a high risk of having their drinks spiked than other demographics.

    Think about it - a lot of students want to have fun and enjoy their time at university and they do this by going to nightclubs, events, raves, festivals etc. This inevitably leads to more exposure to alcohol which then places students at the risk of being spiked. Having your drink spiked is nothing to play with.

    Some of the negative consequences being spiked include:

    - Loss of consciousness and control
    - Memory loss
    - Vomiting
    - Sexual assault

    However there are effective ways to reduce your chances of being spiked. You can do this with drink covers and testing kits. Our university should provide us with access to these anti drink spiking products that greatly reduce our chances of being spiked. This can help ALL students be safe.

    If you think our university should help save lives and keep students safe when they're having fun, give this idea a positive vote!

    (P.S Share this idea with your friends if you think this a good idea!)
Stormi Rath
4:20pm on 2 Feb 23 so true!!

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