Manifesto Advice

The suggested structure for the Manifestos this year is as follows;

  • 3 Key Goals (150 word count)
  • Manifesto (350 word count)
These word counts will be strict and will be cut off at the limit. BCUSU staff members will remove any words over the count, this may result in unfinished sentences.


  • Excellent Manifesto

    Excellent Manifesto

    This manifesto has done a good job of demonstrating how they will achieve their manifesto points, why they want to run and that they are passionate about creating change.


    Key Manifesto Points

    • Affordable on campus food and drink, greater access to microwaves.
    • More social spaces and relaxed areas with longer opening hours.
    • A more prominent and present Union, with greater engagement.
    • An easier feedback system, to ensure your voice is heard..

    Example of Excellent Manifesto

    I am running because I want everybody to have a positive and memorable university experience, and I feel like a good Students’ Union is a key part of that. I'd love to represent you, the things you care about, and help make your experience the best it can be.

    I want to look into making it cheaper to eat on campus with more affordable deals, more microwaves accessible to students, and to look into getting cheaply available hot water. I feel these would be an especially useful addition in the library and Uni buildings as current resources are more limited than across the rest of the university.

    I also want to make more social spaces available around the university, in particular in the evenings for use by societies and clubs, as well as having more in the way of places where you can rest or study between lectures.

    As your VP Voice, I would strive to make it as simple as possible to be heard by, represented by, and involved with the Students’ Union here at BCU. I feel having more approachable Executive Officers would promote a sense of community and I would potentially explore the idea of Exec having office hours as I feel it could foster this change.

    I feel it is important to make the Students’ Union as present and involved as possible within the university and the student body, by increasing promotion of the great things already happening and increase the SU’s presence in places outside their building.

    This is my third year studying at BCU, and I have spent time listening to and representing a large number of students as course rep, so I know the demands of representing the student body when interacting with the university and feel I would go a good job of being your VP Voice.

    Overall, I want to improve student life, make the student experience easier, and try save you some money

  • Good Manifesto

    Good Manifesto

    This manifesto does well in demonstrating what they have achieved and what they want to achieve if they are elected, however they haven't demonstrated how they will achieve their goals.


    Key Manifesto Points

    • Run money workshops to help you manage your money!
    • Increase options in food outlets
    • Help you move accommodation!

    Example of Good Manifesto

    I’ve been an Executive officer for a year now. Just some of the stuff I’ve done so far is;

    • Introduced Safe BCU and made sure it continues.
    • Campaigned to make democracy more accessible by holding a referendum on increasing student officer roles.
    • Been visible on campus, going on society socials and talking to you, the people that make up the Students Union.
    • Worked with the VP Academic Experience and the Mental Health Team to improve the Mental Health services.

    If re-elected, I want to carry on the hard work of the current team, in being visible and accountable. I’ll do this by ensuring that officers have a regular schedule of accountability. I want this to mean that BCU has a more engaged and transparent democracy.
    Lobby the university to move the SU to a more central location so that it is becomes an integral part of coming to, and being at BCU. Make sure that the university continues to fund and develop its mental health services. BCU Safe isn’t enough and I want to make sure there is increased lighting in the parks to make everyone safer. Some of the other stuff I want to do;
    • Run money Workshops to help you manage your money!
    • Make sure there is a range of events at Freshers- drinking, non-drinking and informative.
    • Run community forums in the Conservatoire and City South
    • Help you move accommodation!
    • Ensure no hidden graduation costs.
    • Ensure we minimize the effect of Brexit on international students
    • More charitable work/fundraising
    • Work with next year’s Student Officers to ensure they get helpful and the right training to make sure they make informed, educated decisions and are more representative of wider students.

    Work with the food outlets to provide more vegan/vegetarian options and be more sustainable"


  • Poor Manifesto

    Poor Manifesto

    This manifesto has not created any significant manifesto points, has not said how they will be impactful as an elected officer and made manifesto points which aren’t achievable.


    Key Manifesto Points

    • Better communications
    • Increased funding for course reps
    • More representation

    Example of a Poor Manifesto

    Make BCU Great Again!

    I am passionate about being at Birmingham City University and during my time at university, I have been really passionate about representing students by being a member of student council and being on the exec of a society.

    Because of this, I know how the SU works and one of the main issues I would address as a sabbatical officer would be to increase the communications in the SU. I would make sure that student hear more news about what the SU is actually doing.

    Also I would make sure that our course reps get more funding so they can do more projects and so we can pay our volunteers.

    Finally, as I said before I was on Scrutiny Panel so I would make sure that student’s views are heard effectively by the university and I would fight for all your issues!

  • Things to do  


    • Background research – before writing the manifesto, make sure you take a look at what the SU and university are doing for students! Using your network to your advantage to understand how students are feeling and if there is any current issues which are current in the student body.

    • Taking a look at the values and see where you fit in/can make a change for students. Making sure you are inclusive and reaching a diverse audience will be important as well!

    • Showcasing your experience in the area! Where have you been involved with students, the su or university previously and why does it make you the best candidate?

    • How can you use different communication streams to showcase yourself.

    • Bullet pointing what you want to achieve and then underneath’s saying how you are going to achieve these goals is important.

    • Make sure you do a draft! Doing a draft will allow you to take a look at your points to see if your points are easy to understand, digestible and that your manifesto stands out!

    • Find a unique way to make your manifesto stand out!

    • Familiarise yourself with the job description and understand what being an Exec involves – ask questions!

    • Understand your privilege and avoid promising to fix all student issues.

    • Use your university network to come up with a wide range of issues.


  • Things to avoid  


    • Avoid Jargon and buzzwords!

    • Spellcheck and proofreading is your friend (:

    • Do not use combative language when talking about the SU or University, you might end up working with them!

    • Be cautious with your wording, you may end up promising something which isn’t possible!

    • Don’t make promises you can't keep – be realistic! Address current issues.

    • Actually, write a manifesto, as you will be amazed at how many people don’t bother.

    • Avoid using just your own knowledge, speak to students!


Manifesto Profile Photo

A key part of your manifesto will be your Profile Photo, this is the image voters will see next to your manifesto when they choose their vote.

We've made a useful guide to advise you on how to best use your photo and how to upload it to your profile.

You must upload your manifesto and profile photo online, if you're having issues make sure you let Tom ( know as soon as possible. The deadline to complete your profile is 12 noon on 21st February, so you can make changes until this date!

Candidate Welfare

Your welfare is more important than the elections. Please make sure you prioritise yourself. If you find you need support at any point throughout the elections, here is a list of places you can find it below:

  • Key places

    Key Contacts

    These are BCUSU staff members who can support you particularly throughout the campaigning and voting period. They will be allocated to candidates prior to the start of the campaigning period.


    BCUSU’s Advice Centre

    At BCUSU, we have a team dedicated to giving you impartial, independent advice. They offer a range of support, and you can find out more here


    Mental Health and Wellbeing Team

    This University team support students with issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing. They have a dedicated counselling services right here within the University. You can find out more information, including contact details, here


    Report and Support

    If you have reason to believe that someone has experienced, in experiencing or is at risk of harm, you should report a safeguarding concern via the Report and Support Tool. You can find this here

Key Dates

  • Monday 10th January
    Nominations open
    Nominate yourself, or someone you know, to stand in our 2022/2023 Officer Elections.
  • Monday 21st February
    Nominations close
    All nominations must be submitted by 12 noon.This is also the deadline for candidate manifestos and profile photos.
  • Monday 28th February – Friday 4th March
    Candidate training
    Candidate training will explain how to run a successful elections campaign. Training sessions are compulsory for all candidates.
  • Monday 7th March
    Campaigning opens
    All candidates, and their manifestos, will be listed on the BCUSU website for voters to see.
  • Friday 11th March
    Voting opens...
    Vote online for your 2022/23 Officer Team, from 9am.
  • Thursday 17th March
    Voting closes!
    Last chance to vote is 2pm.
  • Friday 18th March
    Elections results announced!
    Find out who has been elected to lead your Students’ Union.