Candidate for the position of Vice President Equity & Inclusion



A strong voice for your union all year round.

Three Key Objectives

  • An evaluation of accessibility throughout the campus for those with mobility issues and disabilities.
  • Encouraging the expansion of societies so they have increased links to the local area and a sound working relationship with senior management.
  • The further promotion of global equality days building on established work.


I vow to be a strong voice for students from all backgrounds and ages. As someone with Cerebral Palsy, I appreciate the importance of diversity and making sure that everyone has a fair shot at getting the best University experience.

As Vice-President for Equity and Inclusion, I want to focus on mental health awareness. We all have to deal with the stress of deadlines but this should never be allowed to get in the way of the original enjoyment of the subject and give people the confidence to come forward and tell people if there is an issue. I will look to introduce mental health champions in every year group for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

I also want to make sure as officer that improved accessibility for those with disabilities or other mobility issues. I want to push the university to commission a full survey on how access to all building and in particular on the university estate (including Halls of Residence) could be improved.

I am very keen to promote and build links between the societies at BCUSU and the wider community in this part of Birmingham. I believe it is also vital to have an effective feedback system. If there is an issue with the way that the union is being run I want to act as your first port of call.

I am also proud to stand for a union that promotes LGBTQ + and Black History and culture, but this has to go beyond mere branding and go deeper so I will be keen to gage student opinion on the issues that matter to them as well as the promotion of global equality days. I am asking for your support.

Kind regards,